Merge branch 'amba' of git://

Pull #2 ARM updates from Russell King:
 "Further ARM AMBA primecell updates which aren't included directly in
  the previous commit.  I wanted to keep these separate as they're
  touching stuff outside arch/arm/."

* 'amba' of git://
  ARM: 7362/1: AMBA: Add module_amba_driver() helper macro for amba_driver
  ARM: 7335/1: mach-u300: do away with MMC config files
  ARM: 7280/1: mmc: mmci: Cache MMCICLOCK and MMCIPOWER register
  ARM: 7309/1: realview: fix unconnected interrupts on EB11MP
  ARM: 7230/1: mmc: mmci: Fix PIO read for small SDIO packets
  ARM: 7227/1: mmc: mmci: Prepare for SDIO before setting up DMA job
  ARM: 7223/1: mmc: mmci: Fixup use of runtime PM and use autosuspend
  ARM: 7221/1: mmc: mmci: Change from using legacy suspend
  ARM: 7219/1: mmc: mmci: Change vdd_handler to a generic ios_handler
  ARM: 7218/1: mmc: mmci: Provide option to configure bus signal direction
  ARM: 7217/1: mmc: mmci: Put power register deviations in variant data
  ARM: 7216/1: mmc: mmci: Do not release spinlock in request_end
  ARM: 7215/1: mmc: mmci: Increase max_segs from 16 to 128