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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:

 1) Found via trinity:

    If you connect up an ipv6 socket to an ipv4 mapped address then an
    ipv6 one, sendmsg() can croak because ip6_sk_dst_check() assumes the
    route cached in the socket is an ipv6 one.  In this case there is an
    ipv4 route attached, so it gets stomped on.

    Reported by Dave Jones and Hannes Frederic Sowa, fixed by Eric

 2) AF_KEY notifications leak some kernel memory to userspace, fix from
    Mathias Krause.

 3) DLCI calls __dev_get_by_name() without proper locking, and dlci_del
    doesn't validate that the device being deleted is actually a DLCI
    one.  Fixes from Li Zefan.

 4) Length check on bluetooth l2cap information responses is wrong, each
    response type has a different lenth, so we should make sure it's in
    a given range rather than enforce one single valid length.  From
    Jaganath Kanakkassery.

 5) Receive FIFO overflow is really easy to trigger in stress scenerios
    in the sh_eth driver, but the event isn't being handled properly at
    all.  Specifically, the mask of error interrupts doesn't include the
    event so we never clear it, resulting in the driver becomming wedged
    processing an interrupt that never gets cleared.

    Fix from Sergei Shtylyov.

 6) qlcnic sleeps while holding a spinlock, use mdelay() instead of
    msleep().  From Shahed Shaikh.

 7) Missing curly braces causes SIP netfilter NAT module to always drop
    packets.  Fix from Balazs Peter Odor.

 8) ipt_ULOG in netfilter passes the wrong value to timer setup, causing
    the timer to dereference crap when it fires.  Fix from Gao Feng.

 9) Missing RCU protection around txq->axq_acq traversal in
    ath_txq_schedule().  Fix from Felix Fietkau.

10) Idle state transition test in ath9k_htc_config() is reversed, fix
    from Sujith Manoharan.

11) IPV6 forwarding handles unicast Router Alert packets incorrectly.
    It tests the wrong option state.  Previously opt->ra being non-zero
    indicated a router alert marking in the SKB, but now it's indicated
    by a bit in opt->flags.  Fix from YOSHIFUJI Hideaki.

12) SKB leak in GRE tunnel GSO handling, from Eric Dumazet.

13) get_user_pages_fast() error handling in TUN and MACVTAP use the same
    local variable for the base index and the loop iterator for page
    traversal, oops! Fix from Michael S Tsirkin.

14) ipv6_get_lladdr() can fail, and we must therefore check it's return
    value in inet6_set_iftoken().  For from Hannes Frederic Sowa.

15) If you change an interface name and meanwhile can sneak in something
    that looks up the name (like SO_BINDTODEVICE or SIOCGIFNAME) we can
    deadlock with CONFIG_PREEMPT=n.  Fix this by providing a helper
    function that properly uses raw_seqcount_begin().  From Nicolas

16) Chain noise calibration test is inverted in iwlwifi, fix from
    Nikolay Martynov.

17) Properly set TX iwlwifi descriptor flags for back requests.  Fix
    from Emmanuel Grumbach.

18) We can't assume skb_transport_header() is set in xt_TCPOPTSTRAP
    module, fix from Pablo Neira Ayuso.

19) Some crummy APs don't provide the proper High Throughput info in
    association response frames.  Add a workaround by assume we'll use
    whatever is in the beacon/probe.  Fix from Johannes Berg.

20) mac80211 call to rate_idx_match_mask() swaps two arguments (mask and
    channel width).  Fix from Simon Wunderlich.

21) xt_TCPMSS (like xt_TCPOPTSTRAP) must not try to handle fragmented
    frames.  Fix from Phil Oester.

22) Fix rate control regression causing iwlwifi/iwlegacy chips to use
    1Mbit/s on pre-11n networks.  From Moshe Benji and Stanslaw Gruszka.

23) Disable brcmsmac power-save functions, they cause regressions.  From
    Arend van Spriel.

24) Enforce a sane minimum MTU in l2cap_build_cmd() otherwise we can
    easily crash.  Fix from Anderson Lizardo.

25) If a learning packet arrives during vxlan_stop() we crash, easily
    fixed by checking netif_running().  From Stephen Hemminger.

26) Static vxlan FDB entries should not be migrated, also from Stephen.

27) skb_clone() failures not handled in vxlan_xmit(), oops.  Also from

28) Add minimal driver for AR816x/AR817x ethernet chips, from Johannes

29) Fix regression in userspace VLAN acceleration control, added by the
    802.1ad support changes.  Fix from Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao.

30) Interval selection for MLD queries in the bridging code was
    reversed.  Fix from Linus L├╝ssing.

31) ipv6's ndisc_send_redirect() erroneously writes to the packet we
    received not the packet we are building to send out.  Fix from
    Matthias Schiffer.

32) Don't free netdev before unregistering it, in usb_8dev can driver.
    From Marc Kleine-Budde.

33) Fix nl80211 attribute buffer races, from Johannes Berg.

34) Although netlink_diag.h is under uapi/ it isn't present in Kbuild.
    From Stephen Hemminger.

35) Wrong address and family passed to MD5 key lookups in TCP, from
    Aydin Arik.

36) phy_type attribute created by SFC driver should not be writable.
    From Ben Hutchings.

37) Receive/Transmit queue allocations in pxa168_eth and mv643xx_eth
    should use kzalloc().  Otherwise if setup fails half-way, we'll
    dereference garbage when trying to teardown the rings.  From Lubomir

38) Fix double-allocation of dst (resulting in unfreeable net device) in
    ipv6's init_loopback().  From Gao Feng.

39) Fix fragmentation handling SKB leak in netfilter conntrack, we were
    freeing the wrong skb pointer.  From Phil Oester.

40) Don't report "-1" (SPEED_UNKNOWN) in bond_miimon_commit(), from
    Nikolay Aleksandrov.

41) davinci_cpdma doesn't check for DMA mapping errors, letting the
    device scribble to random addresses.  From Sebastian Siewior.

* git:// (69 commits)
  dlci: validate the net device in dlci_del()
  dlci: acquire rtnl_lock before calling __dev_get_by_name()
  af_key: fix info leaks in notify messages
  ipv6: ip6_sk_dst_check() must not assume ipv6 dst
  net: fix kernel deadlock with interface rename and netdev name retrieval.
  net/tg3: Avoid delay during MMIO access
  ipv6: check return value of ipv6_get_lladdr
  macvtap: fix recovery from gup errors
  tun: fix recovery from gup errors
  gre: fix a possible skb leak
  ipv6: Process unicast packet with Router Alert by checking flag in skb.
  ath9k_htc: Handle IDLE state transition properly
  ath9k: fix an RCU issue in calling ieee80211_get_tx_rates
  netfilter: ipt_ULOG: fix incorrect setting of ulog timer
  netfilter: ctnetlink: send event when conntrack label was modified
  netfilter: nf_nat_sip: fix mangling
  qlcnic: Do not sleep while holding spinlock
  drivers: net: cpsw: fix compilation error with cpsw driver
  tcp: doc : fix the syncookies default value
  sh_eth: fix misreporting of transmit abort