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Pull EDAC fixes from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
 "Three edac fixes at the memory enumeration logic:
        - i3200_edac: Fixes a regression at the memory rank size, when the
                memorias are dual-rank;
        - i5000_edac: Fix a longstanding bug when calculating the memory
                size: before Kernel 3.6, the memory size were right only
                with one specific configuration;
        - sb_edac: Fixes a bug since the initial release of the driver:
                with 16GB DIMMs, there's an overflow at the memory size,
                causing the number of pages per dimm (an unsigned value)
                to have the highest bit equal to 1, effectively mangling
                the memory size.

  The third bug can potentially affect the error decoding logic as well."

* git://
  sb_edac: Avoid overflow errors at memory size calculation
  i5000: Fix the memory size calculation with 2R memories
  i3200_edac: Fix memory rank size