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* Linker script for 32-bit vDSO.
* We #include the file to define the layout details.
* Here we only choose the prelinked virtual address.
* This file defines the version script giving the user-exported symbols in
* the DSO. We can define local symbols here called VDSO* to make their
* values visible using the asm-x86/vdso.h macros from the kernel proper.
#define VDSO_PRELINK 0
#include "../"
/* The ELF entry point can be used to set the AT_SYSINFO value. */
* This controls what userland symbols we export from the vDSO.
LINUX_2.5 {
local: *;
* Symbols we define here called VDSO* get their values into vdso32-syms.h.
VDSO32_vsyscall = __kernel_vsyscall;
VDSO32_sigreturn = __kernel_sigreturn;
VDSO32_rt_sigreturn = __kernel_rt_sigreturn;