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* builtin-buildid-list.c
* Builtin buildid-list command: list buildids in, in the running
* kernel and in ELF files.
* Copyright (C) 2009, Red Hat Inc.
* Copyright (C) 2009, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>
#include "builtin.h"
#include "perf.h"
#include "util/build-id.h"
#include "util/cache.h"
#include "util/debug.h"
#include "util/parse-options.h"
#include "util/session.h"
#include "util/symbol.h"
#include <libelf.h>
static const char *input_name;
static bool force;
static bool show_kernel;
static bool with_hits;
static const char * const buildid_list_usage[] = {
"perf buildid-list [<options>]",
static const struct option options[] = {
OPT_BOOLEAN('H', "with-hits", &with_hits, "Show only DSOs with hits"),
OPT_STRING('i', "input", &input_name, "file",
"input file name"),
OPT_BOOLEAN('f', "force", &force, "don't complain, do it"),
OPT_BOOLEAN('k', "kernel", &show_kernel, "Show current kernel build id"),
OPT_INCR('v', "verbose", &verbose,
"be more verbose"),
static int sysfs__fprintf_build_id(FILE *fp)
u8 kallsyms_build_id[BUILD_ID_SIZE];
char sbuild_id[BUILD_ID_SIZE * 2 + 1];
if (sysfs__read_build_id("/sys/kernel/notes", kallsyms_build_id,
sizeof(kallsyms_build_id)) != 0)
return -1;
build_id__sprintf(kallsyms_build_id, sizeof(kallsyms_build_id),
fprintf(fp, "%s\n", sbuild_id);
return 0;
static int filename__fprintf_build_id(const char *name, FILE *fp)
u8 build_id[BUILD_ID_SIZE];
char sbuild_id[BUILD_ID_SIZE * 2 + 1];
if (filename__read_build_id(name, build_id,
sizeof(build_id)) != sizeof(build_id))
return 0;
build_id__sprintf(build_id, sizeof(build_id), sbuild_id);
return fprintf(fp, "%s\n", sbuild_id);
static int perf_session__list_build_ids(void)
struct perf_session *session;
session = perf_session__new(input_name, O_RDONLY, force, false,
if (session == NULL)
return -1;
* See if this is an ELF file first:
if (filename__fprintf_build_id(session->filename, stdout))
goto out;
* in pipe-mode, the only way to get the buildids is to parse
* the record stream. Buildids are stored as RECORD_HEADER_BUILD_ID
if (with_hits || session->fd_pipe)
perf_session__process_events(session, &build_id__mark_dso_hit_ops);
perf_session__fprintf_dsos_buildid(session, stdout, with_hits);
return 0;
static int __cmd_buildid_list(void)
if (show_kernel)
return sysfs__fprintf_build_id(stdout);
return perf_session__list_build_ids();
int cmd_buildid_list(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix __used)
argc = parse_options(argc, argv, options, buildid_list_usage, 0);
return __cmd_buildid_list();