reset: socfpga: add an early reset driver for SoCFPGA

Create a separate reset driver that uses the reset operations in
reset-simple. The reset driver for the SoCFPGA platform needs to
register early in order to be able bring online timers that needed
early in the kernel bootup.

We do not need this early reset driver for Stratix10, because on
arm64, Linux does not need the timers are that in reset. Linux is
able to run just fine with the internal armv8 timer. Thus, we use
a new binding "altr,stratix10-rst-mgr" for the Stratix10 platform.
The Stratix10 platform will continue to use the reset-simple platform
driver, while the 32-bit platforms(Cyclone5/Arria5/Arria10) will use
the early reset driver.

Signed-off-by: Dinh Nguyen <>
v3: use "altr,stratix10-rst-mgr" for Stratix10
    remove "altr,modrst-offset" from reset-simple
v2: Do not build separate reset driver for STRATIX10
    fix warning: symbol 'socfpga_reset_init' was not declared. Should it be
5 files changed