Merge branch 'for-next' of git://

Pull SMB3 fixes from Steve French:
 "A collection of CIFS/SMB3 fixes.

  It includes a couple bug fixes, a few for improved debugging of
  cifs.ko and some improvements to the way cifs does key generation.

  I do have some additional bug fixes I expect in the next week or two
  (to address a problem found by xfstest, and some fixes for SMB3.11
  dialect, and a couple patches that just came in yesterday that I am

* 'for-next' of git://
  cifs_dbg() outputs an uninitialized buffer in cifs_readdir()
  cifs: fix race between call_async() and reconnect()
  Prepare for encryption support (first part). Add decryption and encryption key generation. Thanks to Metze for helping with this.
  cifs: Allow using O_DIRECT with cache=loose
  cifs: Make echo interval tunable
  cifs: Check uniqueid for SMB2+ and return -ESTALE if necessary
  Print IP address of unresponsive server
  cifs: Ratelimit kernel log messages