Merge branch 'next' of git://

Pull thermal management updates from Zhang Rui:
 "The top merge commit was re-generated yesterday because two topic
  branches were dropped from this pull request in the last minute due to
  some unaddressed comments.  All the other material has been in
  linux-next for quite a while.


   - Enhance thermal core to handle unexpected device cooling states
     after fresh boot and system resume.  From Zhang Rui and Chen Yu.

   - Several fixes and cleanups on Rockchip and RCAR thermal drivers.
     From Caesar Wang and Kuninori Morimoto.

   - Add Broxton support for Intel processor thermal reporting device
     driver.  From Amy Wiles"

* 'next' of git://
  thermal: trip_point_temp_store() calls thermal_zone_device_update()
  thermal: rcar: rcar_thermal_get_temp() return error if strange temp
  thermal: rcar: check irq possibility in rcar_thermal_irq_xxx()
  thermal: rcar: check every rcar_thermal_update_temp() return value
  thermal: rcar: move rcar_thermal_dt_ids to upside
  thermal: rockchip: Support the RK3399 SoCs in thermal driver
  thermal: rockchip: Support the RK3228 SoCs in thermal driver
  dt-bindings: rockchip-thermal: Support the RK3228/RK3399 SoCs compatible
  thermal: rockchip: fix a trivial typo
  Thermal: Enable Broxton SoC thermal reporting device
  thermal: constify pch_dev_ops structure
  Thermal: do thermal zone update after a cooling device registered
  Thermal: handle thermal zone device properly during system sleep
  Thermal: initialize thermal zone device correctly