Merge tag 'backlight-next-4.18' of git://

Pull backlight updates from Lee Jones:
 "Core Frameworks
   - Provide helpers to enable/disable backlight
   - Provide standard and devres versions OF find helpers

  New Drivers:
   - Add support for the Zodiac Inflight Innovations RAVE Supervisory

  New Functionality:
   - Allow pwm-on/pwm-off delay to be specified via DT

  Bug Fixes:
   - Fix ordering of the power {en,dis}able and PWM {en,dis}able
   - Fix Device Tree node look-up"

* tag 'backlight-next-4.18' of git://
  backlight: as3711_bl: Fix Device Tree node leaks
  backlight: tps65217_bl: Fix Device Tree node lookup
  backlight: max8925_bl: Fix Device Tree node lookup
  backlight: as3711_bl: Fix Device Tree node lookup
  MAINTAINERS: Add dri-devel for backlight subsystem patches
  backlight: Nuke BL_CORE_DRIVER1
  staging: fbtft: Stop using BL_CORE_DRIVER1
  backlight: pandora: Stop using BL_CORE_DRIVER1
  backlight: generic-bl: Remove DRIVER1 state
  backlight: Nuke unused backlight.props.state states
  backlight: otm3225a: Add support for ORISE OTM3225A LCD SoC
  backlight: pwm_bl: Don't use GPIOF_* with gpiod_get_direction
  pwm-backlight: Add support for PWM delays proprieties.
  dt-bindings: pwm-backlight: Add PWM delay proprieties.
  pwm-backlight: Enable/disable the PWM before/after LCD enable toggle.
  dt-bindings: backlight: Add binding for RAVE SP backlight driver
  backlight: Add RAVE SP backlight driver