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* journal.h
* Copyright (C) 2000 Andreas Dilger
* Copyright (C) 2000 Theodore Ts'o
* Parts of the code are based on fs/jfs/journal.c by Stephen C. Tweedie
* Copyright (C) 1999 Red Hat Software
* This file may be redistributed under the terms of the
* GNU General Public License version 2 or at your discretion
* any later version.
#include "jfs_user.h"
/* journal.c */
errcode_t ext2fs_open_journal(ext2_filsys fs, journal_t **j);
errcode_t ext2fs_close_journal(ext2_filsys fs, journal_t **j);
errcode_t ext2fs_run_ext3_journal(ext2_filsys *fs);
void jbd2_commit_block_csum_set(journal_t *j, struct buffer_head *bh);
void jbd2_revoke_csum_set(journal_t *j, struct buffer_head *bh);
void jbd2_descr_block_csum_set(journal_t *j, struct buffer_head *bh);
void jbd2_block_tag_csum_set(journal_t *j, journal_block_tag_t *tag,
struct buffer_head *bh, __u32 sequence);