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* problem.h --- e2fsck problem error codes
* Copyright 1996 by Theodore Ts'o
* %Begin-Header%
* This file may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU Public
* License.
* %End-Header%
typedef __u32 problem_t;
struct problem_context {
errcode_t errcode;
ext2_ino_t ino, ino2, dir;
struct ext2_inode *inode;
struct ext2_dir_entry *dirent;
blk64_t blk, blk2;
e2_blkcnt_t blkcount;
dgrp_t group;
__u32 csum1, csum2;
__u64 num, num2;
const char *str;
* We define a set of "latch groups"; these are problems which are
* handled as a set. The user answers once for a particular latch
* group.
#define PR_LATCH_MASK 0x0ff0 /* Latch mask */
#define PR_LATCH_BLOCK 0x0010 /* Latch for illegal blocks (pass 1) */
#define PR_LATCH_BBLOCK 0x0020 /* Latch for bad block inode blocks (pass 1) */
#define PR_LATCH_IBITMAP 0x0030 /* Latch for pass 5 inode bitmap proc. */
#define PR_LATCH_BBITMAP 0x0040 /* Latch for pass 5 inode bitmap proc. */
#define PR_LATCH_RELOC 0x0050 /* Latch for superblock relocate hint */
#define PR_LATCH_DBLOCK 0x0060 /* Latch for pass 1b dup block headers */
#define PR_LATCH_LOW_DTIME 0x0070 /* Latch for pass1 orphaned list refugees */
#define PR_LATCH_TOOBIG 0x0080 /* Latch for file to big errors */
#define PR_LATCH_OPTIMIZE_DIR 0x0090 /* Latch for optimize directories */
#define PR_LATCH_BG_CHECKSUM 0x00A0 /* Latch for block group checksums */
#define PR_LATCH_OPTIMIZE_EXT 0x00B0 /* Latch for rebuild extents */
#define PR_LATCH(x) ((((x) & PR_LATCH_MASK) >> 4) - 1)
* Latch group descriptor flags
#define PRL_YES 0x0001 /* Answer yes */
#define PRL_NO 0x0002 /* Answer no */
#define PRL_LATCHED 0x0004 /* The latch group is latched */
#define PRL_SUPPRESS 0x0008 /* Suppress all latch group questions */
#define PRL_VARIABLE 0x000f /* All the flags that need to be reset */
* Pre-Pass 1 errors
/* Block bitmap for group gggg is not in group */
#define PR_0_BB_NOT_GROUP 0x000001
/* Inode bitmap for group gggg is not in group */
#define PR_0_IB_NOT_GROUP 0x000002
/* Inode table for group gggg is not in group. (block nnnn) */
#define PR_0_ITABLE_NOT_GROUP 0x000003
/* Superblock corrupt */
#define PR_0_SB_CORRUPT 0x000004
/* Filesystem size is wrong */
#define PR_0_FS_SIZE_WRONG 0x000005
/* Fragments not supported */
#define PR_0_NO_FRAGMENTS 0x000006
/* Superblock blocks_per_group = bbbb, should have been cccc */
#define PR_0_BLOCKS_PER_GROUP 0x000007
/* Superblock first_data_block = bbbb, should have been cccc */
#define PR_0_FIRST_DATA_BLOCK 0x000008
/* Filesystem did not have a UUID; generating one */
#define PR_0_ADD_UUID 0x000009
/* Relocate hint */
#define PR_0_RELOCATE_HINT 0x00000A
/* Miscellaneous superblock corruption */
#define PR_0_MISC_CORRUPT_SUPER 0x00000B
/* Error determining physical device size of filesystem */
#define PR_0_GETSIZE_ERROR 0x00000C
/* Inode count in the superblock incorrect */
#define PR_0_INODE_COUNT_WRONG 0x00000D
/* The Hurd does not support the filetype feature */
#define PR_0_HURD_CLEAR_FILETYPE 0x00000E
/* Superblock has an invalid journal (inode inum) */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_BAD_INODE 0x00000F
/* External journal has multiple filesystem users (unsupported) */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_UNSUPP_MULTIFS 0x000010
/* Can't find external journal */
#define PR_0_CANT_FIND_JOURNAL 0x000011
/* External journal has bad superblock */
#define PR_0_EXT_JOURNAL_BAD_SUPER 0x000012
/* Superblock has a bad journal UUID */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_BAD_UUID 0x000013
/* Filesystem journal superblock is an unknown type */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_UNSUPP_SUPER 0x000014
/* Journal superblock is corrupt */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_BAD_SUPER 0x000015
/* Superblock has_journal flag is clear but has a journal */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_HAS_JOURNAL 0x000016
/* Superblock needs_recovery flag is set but no journal is present */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_RECOVER_SET 0x000017
/* Journal has data, but recovery flag is clear */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_RECOVERY_CLEAR 0x000018
/* Ask if we should clear the journal */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_RESET_JOURNAL 0x000019
/* Filesystem revision is 0, but feature flags are set */
#define PR_0_FS_REV_LEVEL 0x00001A
/* Clearing orphan inode */
#define PR_0_ORPHAN_CLEAR_INODE 0x000020
/* Illegal block found in orphaned inode */
#define PR_0_ORPHAN_ILLEGAL_BLOCK_NUM 0x000021
/* Already cleared block found in orphaned inode */
/* Illegal orphan inode in superblock */
/* Illegal inode in orphaned inode list */
#define PR_0_ORPHAN_ILLEGAL_INODE 0x000024
/* Journal has unsupported read-only feature - abort */
/* Journal has unsupported incompatible feature - abort */
/* Journal version not supported by this e2fsck */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_UNSUPP_VERSION 0x000027
/* Moving journal from /file to hidden inode */
#define PR_0_MOVE_JOURNAL 0x000028
/* Error moving journal to hidden file */
#define PR_0_ERR_MOVE_JOURNAL 0x000029
/* Found invalid V2 journal superblock fields */
#define PR_0_CLEAR_V2_JOURNAL 0x00002A
/* Run journal anyway */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_RUN 0x00002B
/* Run journal anyway by default */
#define PR_0_JOURNAL_RUN_DEFAULT 0x00002C
/* Backing up journal inode block information */
#define PR_0_BACKUP_JNL 0x00002D
/* Filesystem does not have resize_inode enabled, but
* s_reserved_gdt_blocks is nnnn; should be zero */
/* Resize_inode not enabled, but the resize inode is non-zero */
#define PR_0_CLEAR_RESIZE_INODE 0x00002F
/* Resize inode not valid */
#define PR_0_RESIZE_INODE_INVALID 0x000030
/* Superblock last mount time is in the future */
#define PR_0_FUTURE_SB_LAST_MOUNT 0x000031
/* Superblock last write time is in the future */
#define PR_0_FUTURE_SB_LAST_WRITE 0x000032
/* Superblock hint for external superblock should be xxxx */
#define PR_0_EXTERNAL_JOURNAL_HINT 0x000033
/* Adding dirhash hint to filesystem */
#define PR_0_DIRHASH_HINT 0x000034
/* group descriptor N checksum is invalid, should be yyyy. */
#define PR_0_GDT_CSUM 0x000035
/* Group descriptor N marked uninitialized without feature set. */
#define PR_0_GDT_UNINIT 0x000036
/* Block bitmap is not initialised and Inode bitmap is -- NO LONGER USED */
/* #define PR_0_BB_UNINIT_IB_INIT 0x000037 */
/* Group descriptor N has invalid unused inodes count. */
#define PR_0_GDT_ITABLE_UNUSED 0x000038
/* Last group block bitmap is uninitialized. */
#define PR_0_BB_UNINIT_LAST 0x000039
/* Journal transaction was corrupt, replay was aborted */
#define PR_0_JNL_TXN_CORRUPT 0x00003A
/* The test_fs filesystem flag is set and ext4 is available */
#define PR_0_CLEAR_TESTFS_FLAG 0x00003B
/* Last mount time is in the future (fudged) */
/* Last write time is in the future (fudged) */
/* One or more block group descriptor checksums are invalid (latch) */
#define PR_0_GDT_CSUM_LATCH 0x00003E
/* Setting free inodes count to right (was wrong) */
#define PR_0_FREE_INODE_COUNT 0x00003F
/* Setting free blocks count to right (was wrong) */
#define PR_0_FREE_BLOCK_COUNT 0x000040
/* Making quota inode hidden */
#define PR_0_HIDE_QUOTA 0x000041
/* Superblock has invalid MMP block. */
#define PR_0_MMP_INVALID_BLK 0x000042
/* Superblock has invalid MMP magic. */
#define PR_0_MMP_INVALID_MAGIC 0x000043
/* Opening file system failed */
#define PR_0_OPEN_FAILED 0x000044
/* Checking group descriptor failed */
#define PR_0_CHECK_DESC_FAILED 0x000045
/* Superblock metadata_csum supersedes uninit_bg; both feature
* bits cannot be set simultaneously. */
#define PR_0_META_AND_GDT_CSUM_SET 0x000046
/* Superblock MMP block checksum does not match MMP block. */
#define PR_0_MMP_CSUM_INVALID 0x000047
/* Superblock 64bit filesystem needs extents to access the whole disk */
#define PR_0_64BIT_WITHOUT_EXTENTS 0x000048
/* The first_meta_bg is too big */
#define PR_0_FIRST_META_BG_TOO_BIG 0x000049
/* External journal superblock checksum does not match superblock */
/* metadata_csum_seed means nothing without metadata_csum */
/* Error initializing quota context */
#define PR_0_QUOTA_INIT_CTX 0x00004C
/* Bad required extra isize in superblock */
#define PR_0_BAD_MIN_EXTRA_ISIZE 0x00004D
/* Bad desired extra isize in superblock */
#define PR_0_BAD_WANT_EXTRA_ISIZE 0x00004E
/* Invalid quota inode number */
#define PR_0_INVALID_QUOTA_INO 0x00004F
* Pass 1 errors
/* Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes */
#define PR_1_PASS_HEADER 0x010000
/* Root inode is not a directory */
#define PR_1_ROOT_NO_DIR 0x010001
/* Root inode has dtime set */
#define PR_1_ROOT_DTIME 0x010002
/* Reserved inode has bad mode */
#define PR_1_RESERVED_BAD_MODE 0x010003
/* Deleted inode inum has zero dtime */
#define PR_1_ZERO_DTIME 0x010004
/* Inode inum is in use, but has dtime set */
#define PR_1_SET_DTIME 0x010005
/* Inode inum is a zero-length directory */
#define PR_1_ZERO_LENGTH_DIR 0x010006
/* Group block bitmap at block conflicts with some other fs block */
#define PR_1_BB_CONFLICT 0x010007
/* Group inode bitmap at block conflicts with some other fs block */
#define PR_1_IB_CONFLICT 0x010008
/* Group inode table at block conflicts with some other fs block */
#define PR_1_ITABLE_CONFLICT 0x010009
/* Group block bitmap (block) is bad */
#define PR_1_BB_BAD_BLOCK 0x01000A
/* Group inode bitmap (block) is bad */
#define PR_1_IB_BAD_BLOCK 0x01000B
/* Inode i_size is small, should be larger */
#define PR_1_BAD_I_SIZE 0x01000C
/* Inode i_blocks is small, should be larger */
#define PR_1_BAD_I_BLOCKS 0x01000D
/* Illegal block number in inode */
#define PR_1_ILLEGAL_BLOCK_NUM 0x01000E
/* Block number overlaps filesystem metadata in inode */
/* Inode has illegal blocks (latch question) */
#define PR_1_INODE_BLOCK_LATCH 0x010010
/* Too many illegal blocks in inode */
#define PR_1_TOO_MANY_BAD_BLOCKS 0x010011
/* Illegal block number in bad block inode */
#define PR_1_BB_ILLEGAL_BLOCK_NUM 0x010012
/* Bad block inode has illegal blocks (latch question) */
#define PR_1_INODE_BBLOCK_LATCH 0x010013
/* Duplicate or bad blocks in use! */
#define PR_1_DUP_BLOCKS_PREENSTOP 0x010014
/* Bad block number used as bad block inode indirect block */
#define PR_1_BBINODE_BAD_METABLOCK 0x010015
/* Inconsistency can't be fixed prompt */
/* Bad primary block */
#define PR_1_BAD_PRIMARY_BLOCK 0x010017
/* Bad primary block prompt */
#define PR_1_BAD_PRIMARY_BLOCK_PROMPT 0x010018
/* The primary superblock block is on the bad block list */
#define PR_1_BAD_PRIMARY_SUPERBLOCK 0x010019
/* Bad primary block group descriptors */
/* Warning: Group number's superblock (block) is bad */
#define PR_1_BAD_SUPERBLOCK 0x01001B
/* Warning: Group number's copy of the group descriptors has a bad block */
/* Block number claimed for no reason in process_bad_blocks */
/* Allocating number contiguous block(s) in block group number */
#define PR_1_RELOC_BLOCK_ALLOCATE 0x01001E
/* Allocating block buffer for relocating process */
/* Relocating group number's information from X to Y */
#define PR_1_RELOC_FROM_TO 0x010020
/* Relocating group number's information to X */
#define PR_1_RELOC_TO 0x010021
/* Warning: could not read block number of relocation process */
#define PR_1_RELOC_READ_ERR 0x010022
/* Warning: could not write block number of relocation process */
#define PR_1_RELOC_WRITE_ERR 0x010023
/* Error allocating inode bitmap */
#define PR_1_ALLOCATE_IBITMAP_ERROR 0x010024
/* Error allocating block bitmap */
#define PR_1_ALLOCATE_BBITMAP_ERROR 0x010025
/* Error allocating icount link information */
#define PR_1_ALLOCATE_ICOUNT 0x010026
/* Error allocating directory block array */
#define PR_1_ALLOCATE_DBCOUNT 0x010027
/* Error while scanning inodes */
#define PR_1_ISCAN_ERROR 0x010028
/* Error while iterating over blocks in inode */
#define PR_1_BLOCK_ITERATE 0x010029
/* Error storing inode count information */
#define PR_1_ICOUNT_STORE 0x01002A
/* Error storing directory block information */
#define PR_1_ADD_DBLOCK 0x01002B
/* Error reading inode (for clearing) */
#define PR_1_READ_INODE 0x01002C
/* Suppress messages prompt */
#define PR_1_SUPPRESS_MESSAGES 0x01002D
/* Imagic number has imagic flag set when fs doesn't support it */
#define PR_1_SET_IMAGIC 0x01002F
/* Immutable flag set on a device or socket inode */
#define PR_1_SET_IMMUTABLE 0x010030
/* Compression flag set on a non-compressed filesystem -- no longer used*/
/* #define PR_1_COMPR_SET 0x010031 */
/* Non-zero size on on device, fifo or socket inode */
#define PR_1_SET_NONZSIZE 0x010032
/* Filesystem has feature flag(s) set, but is a revision 0 filesystem */
#define PR_1_FS_REV_LEVEL 0x010033
/* Journal inode is not in use, but contains data */
#define PR_1_JOURNAL_INODE_NOT_CLEAR 0x010034
/* Journal is not a regular file */
#define PR_1_JOURNAL_BAD_MODE 0x010035
/* Inode that was part of the orphan list */
#define PR_1_LOW_DTIME 0x010036
/* Inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found
* (latch question) */
#define PR_1_ORPHAN_LIST_REFUGEES 0x010037
/* Error allocating refcount structure */
#define PR_1_ALLOCATE_REFCOUNT 0x010038
/* Error reading extended attribute block */
#define PR_1_READ_EA_BLOCK 0x010039
/* Inode number has a bad extended attribute block */
#define PR_1_BAD_EA_BLOCK 0x01003A
/* Error reading Extended Attribute block while fixing refcount -- abort */
#define PR_1_EXTATTR_READ_ABORT 0x01003B
/* Extended attribute number has reference count incorrect, should be */
#define PR_1_EXTATTR_REFCOUNT 0x01003C
/* Error writing Extended Attribute block while fixing refcount */
#define PR_1_EXTATTR_WRITE_ABORT 0x01003D
/* Extended attribute block has h_blocks > 1 */
#define PR_1_EA_MULTI_BLOCK 0x01003E
/* Allocating extended attribute region allocation structure */
#define PR_1_EA_ALLOC_REGION_ABORT 0x01003F
/* Extended Attribute block number is corrupt (allocation collision) */
#define PR_1_EA_ALLOC_COLLISION 0x010040
/* Extended attribute block number is corrupt (invalid name) */
#define PR_1_EA_BAD_NAME 0x010041
/* Extended attribute block number is corrupt (invalid value) */
#define PR_1_EA_BAD_VALUE 0x010042
/* Inode number is too big (latch question) */
#define PR_1_INODE_TOOBIG 0x010043
/* Problem causes directory to be too big */
#define PR_1_TOOBIG_DIR 0x010044
/* Problem causes file to be too big */
#define PR_1_TOOBIG_REG 0x010045
/* Problem causes symlink to be too big */
#define PR_1_TOOBIG_SYMLINK 0x010046
/* Inode has INDEX_FL flag set on filesystem without htree support */
#define PR_1_HTREE_SET 0x010047
/* Inode number has INDEX_FL flag set but is on a directory */
#define PR_1_HTREE_NODIR 0x010048
/* htree directory has an invalid root node */
#define PR_1_HTREE_BADROOT 0x010049
/* Htree directory has an unsupported hash version */
#define PR_1_HTREE_HASHV 0x01004A
/* Htree directory uses an Incompatible htree root node flag */
#define PR_1_HTREE_INCOMPAT 0x01004B
/* Htree directory has a tree depth which is too big */
#define PR_1_HTREE_DEPTH 0x01004C
/* Bad block inode has an indirect block number that conflicts with
* filesystem metadata */
#define PR_1_BB_FS_BLOCK 0x01004D
/* Resize inode (re)creation failed */
#define PR_1_RESIZE_INODE_CREATE 0x01004E
/* inode has a extra size i_extra_isize which is invalid */
#define PR_1_EXTRA_ISIZE 0x01004F
/* Extended attribute in inode has a namelen which is invalid */
#define PR_1_ATTR_NAME_LEN 0x010050
/* Extended attribute in inode has a value offset which is invalid */
#define PR_1_ATTR_VALUE_OFFSET 0x010051
/* extended attribute in inode has a value block which is invalid */
#define PR_1_ATTR_VALUE_BLOCK 0x010052
/* extended attribute in inode has a value size which is invalid */
#define PR_1_ATTR_VALUE_SIZE 0x010053
/* extended attribute in inode has a hash which is invalid */
#define PR_1_ATTR_HASH 0x010054
/* inode is a type but it looks like it is really a directory */
#define PR_1_TREAT_AS_DIRECTORY 0x010055
/* Error while reading extent tree in inode */
#define PR_1_READ_EXTENT 0x010056
/* Failure to iterate extents in inode */
#define PR_1_EXTENT_ITERATE_FAILURE 0x010057
/* Inode has an invalid extent starting block */
#define PR_1_EXTENT_BAD_START_BLK 0x010058
/* Inode has an invalid extent that ends beyond filesystem */
#define PR_1_EXTENT_ENDS_BEYOND 0x010059
/* inode has EXTENTS_FL flag set on filesystem without extents support */
#define PR_1_EXTENTS_SET 0x01005A
/* inode is in extents format, but superblock is missing EXTENTS feature */
/* inode has extents, superblock missing INCOMPAT_EXTENTS feature */
#define PR_1_EXTENT_FEATURE 0x01005B
/* inode missing EXTENTS_FL, but is an extent inode */
#define PR_1_UNSET_EXTENT_FL 0x01005C
/* Fast symlink has EXTENTS_FL set */
#define PR_1_FAST_SYMLINK_EXTENT_FL 0x01005D
/* Extents are out of order */
#define PR_1_OUT_OF_ORDER_EXTENTS 0x01005E
/* Extent node header invalid */
/* PR_1_EOFBLOCKS_FL_SET 0x010060 was here */
/* Failed to convert subcluster block bitmap */
#define PR_1_CONVERT_SUBCLUSTER 0x010061
/* Quota inode is not a regular file */
#define PR_1_QUOTA_BAD_MODE 0x010062
/* Quota inode is not in use, but contains data */
#define PR_1_QUOTA_INODE_NOT_CLEAR 0x010063
/* Quota inode is visible to the user */
#define PR_1_QUOTA_INODE_NOT_HIDDEN 0x010064
/* The bad block inode looks invalid */
#define PR_1_INVALID_BAD_INODE 0x010065
/* Extent has zero length extent */
#define PR_1_EXTENT_LENGTH_ZERO 0x010066
/* inode seems to contain garbage */
#define PR_1_INODE_IS_GARBAGE 0x010067
/* inode passes checks, but checksum does not match inode */
#define PR_1_INODE_ONLY_CSUM_INVALID 0x010068
/* Inode extended attribute is corrupt (allocation collision) */
#define PR_1_INODE_EA_ALLOC_COLLISION 0x010069
/* Inode extent block passes checks, but checksum does not match extent */
/* Inode extended attribute block passes checks, but checksum does not
* match block. */
/* Interior extent node level number of inode doesn't first node down */
/* Inode end of extent exceeds allowed value */
#define PR_1_EXTENT_END_OUT_OF_BOUNDS 0x01006E
/* inode has INLINE_DATA_FL flag on filesystem without inline data */
#define PR_1_INLINE_DATA_FEATURE 0x01006F
/* inode has INLINE_DATA_FL flag on filesystem without inline data */
#define PR_1_INLINE_DATA_SET 0x010070
/* Inode block conflicts with critical metadata, skipping block checks */
/* Directory inode block <block> should be at block <otherblock> */
#define PR_1_COLLAPSE_DBLOCK 0x010072
/* Directory inode block <block> should be at block <otherblock> */
#define PR_1_UNINIT_DBLOCK 0x010073
/* Inode logical block (physical block) violates cluster allocation */
#define PR_1_MISALIGNED_CLUSTER 0x010074
/* Inode has INLINE_DATA_FL flag but extended attribute not found */
#define PR_1_INLINE_DATA_NO_ATTR 0x010075
/* Special (device/socket/fifo) file (inode num) has extents
* or inline-data flag set */
#define PR_1_SPECIAL_EXTENTS_IDATA 0x010076
/* Inode has extent header but inline data flag is set */
/* Inode seems to have inline data but extent flag is set */
/* Inode seems to have block map but inline data and extent flags set */
/* Inode has inline data and extent flags but i_block contains junk */
/* Bad block list says the bad block list inode is bad */
/* Error allocating extent region allocation structure */
/* Inode leaf has a duplicate extent mapping */
#define PR_1_EXTENT_COLLISION 0x01007D
/* Error allocating memory for encrypted directory list */
/* Inode extent tree could be more shallow */
#define PR_1_EXTENT_BAD_MAX_DEPTH 0x01007F
/* inode num on bigalloc filesystem cannot be block mapped */
/* Inode has corrupt extent header */
#define PR_1_MISSING_EXTENT_HEADER 0x010081
/* Timestamp(s) on inode beyond 2310-04-04 are likely pre-1970. */
#define PR_1_EA_TIME_OUT_OF_RANGE 0x010082
/* Inode has illegal EA value inode */
#define PR_1_ATTR_VALUE_EA_INODE 0x010083
/* Parent inode has invalid EA entry. EA inode does not have
* EXT4_EA_INODE_FL flag. Delete EA entry? */
#define PR_1_ATTR_NO_EA_INODE_FL 0x010085
/* EA inode for parent inode does not have EXT4_EA_INODE_FL flag */
#define PR_1_ATTR_SET_EA_INODE_FL 0x010086
* Pass 1b errors
/* Pass 1B: Rescan for duplicate/bad blocks */
#define PR_1B_PASS_HEADER 0x011000
/* Duplicate/bad block(s) header */
#define PR_1B_DUP_BLOCK_HEADER 0x011001
/* Duplicate/bad block(s) in inode */
#define PR_1B_DUP_BLOCK 0x011002
/* Duplicate/bad block(s) end */
#define PR_1B_DUP_BLOCK_END 0x011003
/* Error while scanning inodes */
#define PR_1B_ISCAN_ERROR 0x011004
/* Error allocating inode bitmap */
/* Error while iterating over blocks */
#define PR_1B_BLOCK_ITERATE 0x011006
/* Error adjusting EA refcount */
#define PR_1B_ADJ_EA_REFCOUNT 0x011007
/* Duplicate/bad block range in inode */
#define PR_1B_DUP_RANGE 0x011008
/* Pass 1C: Scan directories for inodes with dup blocks. */
#define PR_1C_PASS_HEADER 0x012000
/* Pass 1D: Reconciling duplicate blocks */
#define PR_1D_PASS_HEADER 0x013000
/* File has duplicate blocks */
#define PR_1D_DUP_FILE 0x013001
/* List of files sharing duplicate blocks */
#define PR_1D_DUP_FILE_LIST 0x013002
/* File sharing blocks with filesystem metadata */
#define PR_1D_SHARE_METADATA 0x013003
/* Report of how many duplicate/bad inodes */
#define PR_1D_NUM_DUP_INODES 0x013004
/* Duplicated blocks already reassigned or cloned. */
#define PR_1D_DUP_BLOCKS_DEALT 0x013005
/* Clone duplicate/bad blocks? */
#define PR_1D_CLONE_QUESTION 0x013006
/* Delete file? */
#define PR_1D_DELETE_QUESTION 0x013007
/* Couldn't clone file (error) */
#define PR_1D_CLONE_ERROR 0x013008
* Pass 1e --- rebuilding extent trees
/* Pass 1e: Rebuilding extent trees */
#define PR_1E_PASS_HEADER 0x014000
/* Error rehash directory */
#define PR_1E_OPTIMIZE_EXT_ERR 0x014001
/* Rebuilding extent trees */
#define PR_1E_OPTIMIZE_EXT_HEADER 0x014002
/* Rebuilding extent %d */
#define PR_1E_OPTIMIZE_EXT 0x014003
/* Rebuilding extent tree end */
#define PR_1E_OPTIMIZE_EXT_END 0x014004
/* Internal error: extent tree depth too large */
#define PR_1E_MAX_EXTENT_TREE_DEPTH 0x014005
/* Inode extent tree could be shorter */
/* Inode extent tree could be narrower */
#define PR_1E_CAN_NARROW_EXTENT_TREE 0x014007
* Pass 2 errors
/* Pass 2: Checking directory structure */
#define PR_2_PASS_HEADER 0x020000
/* Bad inode number for '.' */
#define PR_2_BAD_INODE_DOT 0x020001
/* Directory entry has bad inode number */
#define PR_2_BAD_INO 0x020002
/* Directory entry has deleted or unused inode */
#define PR_2_UNUSED_INODE 0x020003
/* Directory entry is link to '.' */
#define PR_2_LINK_DOT 0x020004
/* Directory entry points to inode now located in a bad block */
#define PR_2_BB_INODE 0x020005
/* Directory entry contains a link to a directory */
#define PR_2_LINK_DIR 0x020006
/* Directory entry contains a link to the root directory */
#define PR_2_LINK_ROOT 0x020007
/* Directory entry has illegal characters in its name */
#define PR_2_BAD_NAME 0x020008
/* Missing '.' in directory inode */
#define PR_2_MISSING_DOT 0x020009
/* Missing '..' in directory inode */
#define PR_2_MISSING_DOT_DOT 0x02000A
/* First entry in directory inode doesn't contain '.' */
#define PR_2_1ST_NOT_DOT 0x02000B
/* Second entry in directory inode doesn't contain '..' */
#define PR_2_2ND_NOT_DOT_DOT 0x02000C
/* i_faddr should be zero */
#define PR_2_FADDR_ZERO 0x02000D
/* i_file_acl should be zero */
#define PR_2_FILE_ACL_ZERO 0x02000E
/* i_size_high should be zero */
#define PR_2_DIR_SIZE_HIGH_ZERO 0x02000F
/* i_frag should be zero */
#define PR_2_FRAG_ZERO 0x020010
/* i_fsize should be zero */
#define PR_2_FSIZE_ZERO 0x020011
/* inode has bad mode */
#define PR_2_BAD_MODE 0x020012
/* directory corrupted */
#define PR_2_DIR_CORRUPTED 0x020013
/* filename too long */
#define PR_2_FILENAME_LONG 0x020014
/* Directory inode has a missing block (hole) */
#define PR_2_DIRECTORY_HOLE 0x020015
/* '.' is not NULL terminated */
#define PR_2_DOT_NULL_TERM 0x020016
/* '..' is not NULL terminated */
#define PR_2_DOT_DOT_NULL_TERM 0x020017
/* Illegal character device in inode */
#define PR_2_BAD_CHAR_DEV 0x020018
/* Illegal block device in inode */
#define PR_2_BAD_BLOCK_DEV 0x020019
/* Duplicate '.' entry */
#define PR_2_DUP_DOT 0x02001A
/* Duplicate '..' entry */
#define PR_2_DUP_DOT_DOT 0x02001B
/* Internal error: couldn't find dir_info */
#define PR_2_NO_DIRINFO 0x02001C
/* Final rec_len is wrong */
#define PR_2_FINAL_RECLEN 0x02001D
/* Error allocating icount structure */
#define PR_2_ALLOCATE_ICOUNT 0x02001E
/* Error iterating over directory blocks */
#define PR_2_DBLIST_ITERATE 0x02001F
/* Error reading directory block */
#define PR_2_READ_DIRBLOCK 0x020020
/* Error writing directory block */
#define PR_2_WRITE_DIRBLOCK 0x020021
/* Error allocating new directory block */
#define PR_2_ALLOC_DIRBOCK 0x020022
/* Error deallocating inode */
#define PR_2_DEALLOC_INODE 0x020023
/* Directory entry for '.' is big. Split? */
#define PR_2_SPLIT_DOT 0x020024
/* Illegal FIFO */
#define PR_2_BAD_FIFO 0x020025
/* Illegal socket */
#define PR_2_BAD_SOCKET 0x020026
/* Directory filetype not set */
#define PR_2_SET_FILETYPE 0x020027
/* Directory filetype incorrect */
#define PR_2_BAD_FILETYPE 0x020028
/* Directory filetype set when it shouldn't be */
#define PR_2_CLEAR_FILETYPE 0x020029
/* Directory filename can't be zero-length */
#define PR_2_NULL_NAME 0x020030
/* Invalid symlink */
#define PR_2_INVALID_SYMLINK 0x020031
/* i_file_acl (extended attribute) is bad */
#define PR_2_FILE_ACL_BAD 0x020032
/* Filesystem contains large files, but has no such flag in sb */
#define PR_2_FEATURE_LARGE_FILES 0x020033
/* Node in HTREE directory not referenced */
#define PR_2_HTREE_NOTREF 0x020034
/* Node in HTREE directory referenced twice */
#define PR_2_HTREE_DUPREF 0x020035
/* Node in HTREE directory has bad min hash */
#define PR_2_HTREE_MIN_HASH 0x020036
/* Node in HTREE directory has bad max hash */
#define PR_2_HTREE_MAX_HASH 0x020037
/* Clear invalid HTREE directory */
#define PR_2_HTREE_CLEAR 0x020038
/* Clear the htree flag forcibly */
/* #define PR_2_HTREE_FCLR 0x020039 */
/* Bad block in htree interior node */
#define PR_2_HTREE_BADBLK 0x02003A
/* Error adjusting EA refcount */
#define PR_2_ADJ_EA_REFCOUNT 0x02003B
/* Invalid HTREE root node */
#define PR_2_HTREE_BAD_ROOT 0x02003C
/* Invalid HTREE limit */
#define PR_2_HTREE_BAD_LIMIT 0x02003D
/* Invalid HTREE count */
#define PR_2_HTREE_BAD_COUNT 0x02003E
/* HTREE interior node has out-of-order hashes in table */
#define PR_2_HTREE_HASH_ORDER 0x02003F
/* Node in HTREE directory has bad depth */
#define PR_2_HTREE_BAD_DEPTH 0x020040
/* Duplicate directory entry found */
#define PR_2_DUPLICATE_DIRENT 0x020041
/* Non-unique filename found */
#define PR_2_NON_UNIQUE_FILE 0x020042
/* Duplicate directory entry found */
#define PR_2_REPORT_DUP_DIRENT 0x020043
/* i_blocks_hi should be zero */
#define PR_2_BLOCKS_HI_ZERO 0x020044
/* Unexpected HTREE block */
#define PR_2_UNEXPECTED_HTREE_BLOCK 0x020045
/* Inode found in group where _INODE_UNINIT is set */
#define PR_2_INOREF_BG_INO_UNINIT 0x020046
/* Inode found in group unused inodes area */
#define PR_2_INOREF_IN_UNUSED 0x020047
/* i_file_acl_hi should be zero */
#define PR_2_I_FILE_ACL_HI_ZERO 0x020048
/* htree root node fails checksum */
#define PR_2_HTREE_ROOT_CSUM_INVALID 0x020049
/* htree node fails checksum */
/* no space in leaf for checksum */
#define PR_2_LEAF_NODE_MISSING_CSUM 0x02004C
/* dir leaf node passes checks, but fails checksum */
/* bad inline directory size */
#define PR_2_BAD_INLINE_DIR_SIZE 0x02004E
/* fixing inline dir size failed */
#define PR_2_FIX_INLINE_DIR_FAILED 0x02004F
/* Encrypted directory entry is too short */
#define PR_2_BAD_ENCRYPTED_NAME 0x020050
* Pass 3 errors
/* Pass 3: Checking directory connectivity */
#define PR_3_PASS_HEADER 0x030000
/* Root inode not allocated */
#define PR_3_NO_ROOT_INODE 0x030001
/* No room in lost+found */
#define PR_3_EXPAND_LF_DIR 0x030002
/* Unconnected directory inode */
#define PR_3_UNCONNECTED_DIR 0x030003
/* /lost+found not found */
#define PR_3_NO_LF_DIR 0x030004
/* .. entry is incorrect */
#define PR_3_BAD_DOT_DOT 0x030005
/* Bad or non-existent /lost+found. Cannot reconnect */
#define PR_3_NO_LPF 0x030006
/* Could not expand /lost+found */
#define PR_3_CANT_EXPAND_LPF 0x030007
/* Could not reconnect inode */
#define PR_3_CANT_RECONNECT 0x030008
/* Error while trying to find /lost+found */
#define PR_3_ERR_FIND_LPF 0x030009
/* Error in ext2fs_new_block while creating /lost+found */
#define PR_3_ERR_LPF_NEW_BLOCK 0x03000A
/* Error in ext2fs_new_inode while creating /lost+found */
#define PR_3_ERR_LPF_NEW_INODE 0x03000B
/* Error in ext2fs_new_dir_block while creating /lost+found */
#define PR_3_ERR_LPF_NEW_DIR_BLOCK 0x03000C
/* Error while writing directory block for /lost+found */
#define PR_3_ERR_LPF_WRITE_BLOCK 0x03000D
/* Error while adjusting inode count */
#define PR_3_ADJUST_INODE 0x03000E
/* Couldn't fix parent directory -- error */
#define PR_3_FIX_PARENT_ERR 0x03000F
/* Couldn't fix parent directory -- couldn't find it */
#define PR_3_FIX_PARENT_NOFIND 0x030010
/* Error allocating inode bitmap */
#define PR_3_ALLOCATE_IBITMAP_ERROR 0x030011
/* Error creating root directory */
#define PR_3_CREATE_ROOT_ERROR 0x030012
/* Error creating lost and found directory */
#define PR_3_CREATE_LPF_ERROR 0x030013
/* Root inode is not directory; aborting */
#define PR_3_ROOT_NOT_DIR_ABORT 0x030014
/* Cannot proceed without a root inode. */
#define PR_3_NO_ROOT_INODE_ABORT 0x030015
/* Internal error: couldn't find dir_info */
#define PR_3_NO_DIRINFO 0x030016
/* Lost+found is not a directory */
#define PR_3_LPF_NOTDIR 0x030017
/* Lost+found has inline data */
#define PR_3_LPF_INLINE_DATA 0x030018
/* Cannot allocate lost+found */
#define PR_3_LPF_NO_SPACE 0x030019
/* Insufficient space to recover lost files */
#define PR_3_NO_SPACE_TO_RECOVER 0x03001A
/* Lost+found is encrypted */
#define PR_3_LPF_ENCRYPTED 0x03001B
* Pass 3a --- rehashing directories
/* Pass 3a: Reindexing directories */
#define PR_3A_PASS_HEADER 0x031000
/* Error iterating over directories */
#define PR_3A_OPTIMIZE_ITER 0x031001
/* Error rehash directory */
#define PR_3A_OPTIMIZE_DIR_ERR 0x031002
/* Rehashing dir header */
#define PR_3A_OPTIMIZE_DIR_HEADER 0x031003
/* Rehashing directory %d */
#define PR_3A_OPTIMIZE_DIR 0x031004
/* Rehashing dir end */
#define PR_3A_OPTIMIZE_DIR_END 0x031005
/* Pass 3B is really just 1E */
* Pass 4 errors
/* Pass 4: Checking reference counts */
#define PR_4_PASS_HEADER 0x040000
/* Unattached zero-length inode */
#define PR_4_ZERO_LEN_INODE 0x040001
/* Unattached inode */
#define PR_4_UNATTACHED_INODE 0x040002
/* Inode ref count wrong */
#define PR_4_BAD_REF_COUNT 0x040003
/* Inconsistent inode count information cached */
#define PR_4_INCONSISTENT_COUNT 0x040004
/* Extended attribute inode ref count wrong */
#define PR_4_EA_INODE_REF_COUNT 0x040005
* Pass 5 errors
/* Pass 5: Checking group summary information */
#define PR_5_PASS_HEADER 0x050000
/* Padding at end of inode bitmap is not set. */
#define PR_5_INODE_BMAP_PADDING 0x050001
/* Padding at end of block bitmap is not set. */
#define PR_5_BLOCK_BMAP_PADDING 0x050002
/* Block bitmap differences header */
#define PR_5_BLOCK_BITMAP_HEADER 0x050003
/* Block not used, but marked in bitmap */
#define PR_5_BLOCK_UNUSED 0x050004
/* Block used, but not marked used in bitmap */
#define PR_5_BLOCK_USED 0x050005
/* Block bitmap differences end */
#define PR_5_BLOCK_BITMAP_END 0x050006
/* Inode bitmap differences header */
#define PR_5_INODE_BITMAP_HEADER 0x050007
/* Inode not used, but marked in bitmap */
#define PR_5_INODE_UNUSED 0x050008
/* Inode used, but not marked used in bitmap */
#define PR_5_INODE_USED 0x050009
/* Inode bitmap differences end */
#define PR_5_INODE_BITMAP_END 0x05000A
/* Free inodes count for group wrong */
#define PR_5_FREE_INODE_COUNT_GROUP 0x05000B
/* Directories count for group wrong */
#define PR_5_FREE_DIR_COUNT_GROUP 0x05000C
/* Free inodes count wrong */
#define PR_5_FREE_INODE_COUNT 0x05000D
/* Free blocks count for group wrong */
#define PR_5_FREE_BLOCK_COUNT_GROUP 0x05000E
/* Free blocks count wrong */
#define PR_5_FREE_BLOCK_COUNT 0x05000F
/* Programming error: bitmap endpoints don't match */
#define PR_5_BMAP_ENDPOINTS 0x050010
/* Internal error: fudging end of bitmap */
#define PR_5_FUDGE_BITMAP_ERROR 0x050011
/* Error copying in replacement inode bitmap */
#define PR_5_COPY_IBITMAP_ERROR 0x050012
/* Error copying in replacement block bitmap */
#define PR_5_COPY_BBITMAP_ERROR 0x050013
/* Block range not used, but marked in bitmap */
#define PR_5_BLOCK_RANGE_UNUSED 0x050014
/* Block range used, but not marked used in bitmap */
#define PR_5_BLOCK_RANGE_USED 0x050015
/* Inode range not used, but marked in bitmap */
#define PR_5_INODE_RANGE_UNUSED 0x050016
/* Inode range used, but not marked used in bitmap */
#define PR_5_INODE_RANGE_USED 0x050017
/* Block in use but group is marked BLOCK_UNINIT */
#define PR_5_BLOCK_UNINIT 0x050018
/* Inode in use but group is marked INODE_UNINIT */
#define PR_5_INODE_UNINIT 0x050019
/* Inode bitmap checksum does not match */
/* Block bitmap checksum does not match */
* Post-Pass 5 errors
/* Recreate the journal if E2F_FLAG_JOURNAL_INODE flag is set */
#define PR_6_RECREATE_JOURNAL 0x060001
/* Update quota information if it is inconsistent */
#define PR_6_UPDATE_QUOTAS 0x060002
/* Error setting block group checksum info */
#define PR_6_SET_BG_CHECKSUM 0x060003
/* Error writing file system info */
#define PR_6_FLUSH_FILESYSTEM 0x060004
/* Error flushing writes to storage device */
#define PR_6_IO_FLUSH 0x060005
/* Error updating quota information */
#define PR_6_WRITE_QUOTAS 0x060006
* Function declarations
int fix_problem(e2fsck_t ctx, problem_t code, struct problem_context *pctx);
int end_problem_latch(e2fsck_t ctx, int mask);
int set_latch_flags(int mask, int setflags, int clearflags);
int get_latch_flags(int mask, int *value);
void clear_problem_context(struct problem_context *pctx);
/* message.c */
void print_e2fsck_message(FILE *f, e2fsck_t ctx, const char *msg,
struct problem_context *pctx, int first,
int recurse);