Merge tag 'drm-fixes-2023-12-01' of git://

Pull drm fixes from Dave Airlie:
 "Weekly fixes, mostly amdgpu fixes with a scattering of nouveau, i915,
  and a couple of reverts. Hopefully it will quieten down in coming

   - Revert unexport of prime helpers for fd/handle conversion

   - Do not double add fences in dma_resv_add_fence.

   - Fix GPUVM license identifier.

   - Mark internal GSC engine with reserved uabi class
   - Take VGA converters into account in eDP probe
   - Fix intel_pre_plane_updates() call to ensure workarounds get applied

   - Revert panel fixes as they require exporting device_is_dependent.

   - fix oversized allocations in new vm path
   - fix zero-length array
   - remove a stray lock

   - Fix error check for nt36523.

   - DMUB fix
   - DCN 3.5 fixes
   - XGMI fix
   - DCN 3.2 fixes
   - Vangogh suspend fix
   - NBIO 7.9 fix
   - GFX11 golden register fix
   - Backlight fix
   - NBIO 7.11 fix
   - IB test overflow fix
   - DCN 3.1.4 fixes
   - fix a runtime pm ref count
   - Retimer fix
   - ABM fix
   - DCN 3.1.5 fix
   - Fix AGP addressing
   - Fix possible memory leak in SMU error path
   - Make sure PME is enabled in D3
   - Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in debugfs
   - EEPROM fix
   - GC 9.4.3 fix

   - IP version check fix
   - Fix memory leak in pqm_uninit()"

* tag 'drm-fixes-2023-12-01' of git:// (53 commits)
  Revert "drm/prime: Unexport helpers for fd/handle conversion"
  drm/amdgpu: Use another offset for GC 9.4.3 remap
  drm/amd/display: Fix some HostVM parameters in DML
  drm/amdkfd: Free gang_ctx_bo and wptr_bo in pqm_uninit
  drm/amdgpu: Update EEPROM I2C address for smu v13_0_0
  drm/amd/display: Allow DTBCLK disable for DCN35
  drm/amdgpu: Fix cat debugfs amdgpu_regs_didt causes kernel null pointer
  drm/amd: Enable PCIe PME from D3
  drm/amd/pm: fix a memleak in aldebaran_tables_init
  drm/amdgpu: fix AGP addressing when GART is not at 0
  drm/amd/display: update dcn315 lpddr pstate latency
  drm/amd/display: fix ABM disablement
  drm/amd/display: Fix black screen on video playback with embedded panel
  drm/amd/display: Fix conversions between bytes and KB
  drm/amdkfd: Use common function for IP version check
  drm/amd/display: Remove config update
  drm/amd/display: Update DCN35 clock table policy
  drm/amd/display: force toggle rate wa for first link training for a retimer
  drm/amdgpu: correct the amdgpu runtime dereference usage count
  drm/amd/display: Update min Z8 residency time to 2100 for DCN314