Mellanox specific updates for 4.11 merge window

Because the Mellanox code required being based on a net-next tree,
I keept it separate from the remainder of the RDMA stack submission
that is based on 4.10-rc3.

This branch contains:

- Various mlx4 and mlx5 fixes and minor changes
- Support for adding a tag match rule to flow specs
- Support for cvlan offload operation for raw ethernet QPs
- A change to the core IB code to recognize raw eth capabilities and
  enumerate them (touches non-Mellanox code)
- Implicit On-Demand Paging memory registration support
IB/mlx5: Fix configuration of port capabilities

When the "ib_virt" cap is set, configuration of port capabilities need
to be done through mlx5_core_modify_hca_vport_context.
Since modify_hca_vport_context accepts mask and value, there is no need
to read the port capabilities and calculate the new cap values so we
avoid the mutex when ib_virt is set.

Signed-off-by: Eli Cohen <>
Reviewed-by: Matan Barak <>
Signed-off-by: Leon Romanovsky <>
Signed-off-by: Doug Ledford <>
1 file changed