Merge tag 'thermal-5.5-rc2' of git://

Pull thermal fixes from Zhang Rui:
 "Starting from this release cycle, we have Daniel Lezcano work as the
  new thermal co-maintainer because Eduardo's email is bouncing for
  sometime and we can not reach him. We also have a new shared git tree
  so that both Daniel and I can actively working on it.


   - Update MAINTAINER file for new thermal co-maintainer and new
     thermal git tree address. (Daniel Lezcano, Florian Fainelli, Zhang

   - Fix a Kconfig warning. (YueHaibing)"

* tag 'thermal-5.5-rc2' of git://
  MAINTAINERS: thermal: Change the git tree location
  MAINTAINERS: thermal: Add Daniel Lezcano as the thermal maintainer
  MAINTAINERS: thermal: Eduardo's email is bouncing
  thermal: power_allocator: Fix Kconfig warning