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Jeff Kirsher says:

Intel Wired LAN Driver Updates 2020-02-12

This series contains fixes to only the ice driver.

Dave fixes logic flaws in the DCB rebuild function which is used after a
reset.  Also fixed a configuration issue when switching between firmware
and software LLDP mode where the number of TLV's configured was getting
out of sync with what lldpad thinks is configured.

Paul fixes how the driver displayed all the supported and advertised
link modes by basing it on the PHY capabilities, and in the process
cleaned up a lot of code.

Brett fixes duplicate receive tail bumps by comparing the value we are
writing to tail with the previously written tail value.  Also cleaned up
workarounds that are no longer needed with the latest NVM images.

Anirudh cleaned up unnecessary CONFIG_PCI_IOV wrappers.  Updated the
driver to use ice_pf_to_dev() instead of &pf->pdev->dev or
&vsi->back->pdev->dev.  Cleaned up the string format in print function
calls to remove newlines where applicable.

Akeem updates the link message logging to include "Full Duplex" and
"Negotiated", to help distinguish from "Requested" for FEC.

Bruce fixes and consolidates the logging of firmware/NVM information
during driver load, since the information is duplicate of what is
available via ethtool.  Fixed the checking of the Unit Load Status bits
after reset to ensure they are 0x7FF before continuing, by updating the
mask.  Cleanup up possible NULL dereferences that were created by a
previous commit.

Ben fixes the driver to use the correct netif_msg_tx/rx_error() to
determine whether to print the MDD event type.

Tony provides several trivial fixes, which include whitespace, typos,
function header comments, reverse Christmas tree issues.

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>