Merge tag '5.5-rc-smb3-fixes-part2' of git://

Pull cifs fixes from Steve French:
 "Nine cifs/smb3 fixes:

   - one fix for stable (oops during oplock break)

   - two timestamp fixes including important one for updating mtime at
     close to avoid stale metadata caching issue on dirty files (also
     improves perf by using SMB2_CLOSE_FLAG_POSTQUERY_ATTRIB over the

   - two fixes for "modefromsid" mount option for file create (now
     allows mode bits to be set more atomically and accurately on create
     by adding "sd_context" on create when modefromsid specified on

   - two fixes for multichannel found in testing this week against
     different servers

   - two small cleanup patches"

* tag '5.5-rc-smb3-fixes-part2' of git://
  smb3: improve check for when we send the security descriptor context on create
  smb3: fix mode passed in on create for modetosid mount option
  cifs: fix possible uninitialized access and race on iface_list
  cifs: Fix lookup of SMB connections on multichannel
  smb3: query attributes on file close
  smb3: remove unused flag passed into close functions
  cifs: remove redundant assignment to pointer pneg_ctxt
  fs: cifs: Fix atime update check vs mtime
  CIFS: Fix NULL-pointer dereference in smb2_push_mandatory_locks