Merge tag 'for-linus-5.5b-rc1-tag' of git://

Pull more xen updates from Juergen Gross:

 - a patch to fix a build warning

 - a cleanup of no longer needed code in the Xen event handling

 - a small series for the Xen grant driver avoiding high order
   allocations and replacing an insane global limit by a per-call one

 - a small series fixing Xen frontend/backend module referencing

* tag 'for-linus-5.5b-rc1-tag' of git://
  xen-blkback: allow module to be cleanly unloaded
  xen/xenbus: reference count registered modules
  xen/gntdev: switch from kcalloc() to kvcalloc()
  xen/gntdev: replace global limit of mapped pages by limit per call
  xen/gntdev: remove redundant non-zero check on ret
  xen/events: remove event handling recursion detection