Merge branch 'linus' of git://

Pull crypto updates from Herbert Xu:

   - Decryption test vectors are now automatically generated from
     encryption test vectors.


   - Fix unaligned access issues in crc32/crc32c.

   - Add zstd compression algorithm.

   - Add AEGIS.

   - Add MORUS.


   - Add accelerated AEGIS/MORUS on x86.

   - Add accelerated SM4 on arm64.

   - Removed x86 assembly salsa implementation as it is slower than C.

   - Add authenc(hmac(sha*), cbc(aes)) support in inside-secure.

   - Add ctr(aes) support in crypto4xx.

   - Add hardware key support in ccree.

   - Add support for new Centaur CPU in via-rng"

* 'linus' of git:// (112 commits)
  crypto: chtls - free beyond end rspq_skb_cache
  crypto: chtls - kbuild warnings
  crypto: chtls - dereference null variable
  crypto: chtls - wait for memory sendmsg, sendpage
  crypto: chtls - key len correction
  crypto: salsa20 - Revert "crypto: salsa20 - export generic helpers"
  crypto: x86/salsa20 - remove x86 salsa20 implementations
  crypto: ccp - Add GET_ID SEV command
  crypto: ccp - Add DOWNLOAD_FIRMWARE SEV command
  crypto: qat - Add MODULE_FIRMWARE for all qat drivers
  crypto: ccree - silence debug prints
  crypto: ccree - better clock handling
  crypto: ccree - correct host regs offset
  crypto: chelsio - Remove separate buffer used for DMA map B0 block in CCM
  crypt: chelsio - Send IV as Immediate for cipher algo
  crypto: chelsio - Return -ENOSPC for transient busy indication.
  crypto: caam/qi - fix warning in init_cgr()
  crypto: caam - fix rfc4543 descriptors
  crypto: caam - fix MC firmware detection
  crypto: clarify licensing of OpenSSL asm code