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Pull m68knommu updates from Greg Ungerer:
 "These changes all relate to converting the IO access functions for the
  ColdFire (and all other non-MMU m68k) platforms to use asm-generic IO

  This makes the IO support the same on all ColdFire (regardless of MMU
  enabled or not) and means we can now support PCI in non-MMU mode.

  As a bonus these changes remove more code than they add"

* 'for-next' of git://
  m68k: fix ColdFire PCI config reads and writes
  m68k: introduce iomem() macro for __iomem conversions
  m68k: allow ColdFire PCI bus on MMU and non-MMU configuration
  m68k: fix ioremapping for internal ColdFire peripherals
  m68k: fix read/write multi-byte IO for PCI on ColdFire
  m68k: don't redefine access functions if we have PCI
  m68k: remove old ColdFire IO access support code
  m68k: use io_no.h for MMU and non-MMU enabled ColdFire
  m68k: setup PCI support code in io_no.h
  m68k: group io mapping definitions and functions
  m68k: rework raw access macros for the non-MMU case
  m68k: use asm-generic/io.h for non-MMU io access functions
  m68k: put definition guards around virt_to_phys and phys_to_virt
  m68k: move *_relaxed macros into io_no.h and io_mm.h