Merge tag 'pm+acpi-3.13-rc7' of git://

Pull ACPI and PM fixes and new device IDs from Rafael Wysocki:
 "These commits, except for one, are regression fixes and the remaining
  one fixes a divide error leading to a kernel panic.  The majority of
  the regressions fixed here were introduced during the 3.12 cycle, one
  of them is from this cycle and one is older.


   - VGA switcheroo was broken for some users as a result of the
     ACPI-based PCI hotplug (ACPIPHP) changes in 3.12, because some
     previously ignored hotplug events started to be handled.  The fix
     causes them to be ignored again.

   - There are two more issues related to cpufreq's suspend/resume
     handling changes from the 3.12 cycle addressed by Viresh Kumar's

   - intel_pstate triggers a divide error in a timer function if the
     P-state information it needs is missing during initialization.
     This leads to kernel panics on nested KVM clients and is fixed by
     failing the initialization cleanly in those cases.

   - PCI initalization code changes during the 3.9 cycle uncovered BIOS
     issues related to ACPI wakeup notifications (some BIOSes send them
     for devices that aren't supposed to support ACPI wakeup).  Work
     around them by installing an ACPI wakeup notify handler for all PCI
     devices with ACPI support.

   - The Calxeda cpuilde driver's probe function is tagged as __init,
     which is incorrect and causes a section mismatch to occur during
     build.  Fix from Andre Przywara removes the __init tag from there.

   - During the 3.12 cycle ACPIPHP started to print warnings about
     missing _ADR for devices that legitimately don't have it.  Fix from
     Toshi Kani makes it only print the warnings where they make sense"

* tag 'pm+acpi-3.13-rc7' of git://
  ACPIPHP / radeon / nouveau: Fix VGA switcheroo problem related to hotplug
  intel_pstate: Fail initialization if P-state information is missing
  ARM/cpuidle: remove __init tag from Calxeda cpuidle probe function
  PCI / ACPI: Install wakeup notify handlers for all PCI devs with ACPI
  cpufreq: preserve user_policy across suspend/resume
  cpufreq: Clean up after a failing light-weight initialization
  ACPI / PCI / hotplug: Avoid warning when _ADR not present