Merge branch 'pass_net_through_output_path'

Eric W. Biederman says:

net: Pass net through the output path v2

This is the next installment of my work to pass struct net through the
output path so the code does not need to guess how to figure out which
network namespace it is in, and ultimately routes can have output
devices in another network namespace.

The first patch in this series is a fix for a bug that came in when sk
was passed through the functions in the output path, and as such is
probably a candidate for net.  At the same time my later patches depend
on it so sending the fix separately would be confusing.

The second patch in this series is another fix that for an issue that
came in when sk was passed through the output path.  I don't think it
needs a backport as I don't think anyone uses the path where the code
was incorrect.

The rest of the patchset focuses on the path from xxx_local_out to
dst_output and in the end succeeds in passing sock_net(sk) from the
socket a packet locally originates on to the dst->output function.

Given the size reduction in the code I think this counts as a cleanup as
much as feature work.

There remain a number of helper functions (like ip option processing) to
take care of before the network stack can support destination devices in
other network namespaces but with this set of changes the backbone of
the work is done.

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>