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#ifndef __PERF_EVLIST_H
#define __PERF_EVLIST_H 1
#include <linux/atomic.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <api/fd/array.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "../perf.h"
#include "event.h"
#include "evsel.h"
#include "util.h"
#include "auxtrace.h"
#include <unistd.h>
struct pollfd;
struct thread_map;
struct cpu_map;
struct record_opts;
* struct perf_mmap - perf's ring buffer mmap details
* @refcnt - e.g. code using PERF_EVENT_IOC_SET_OUTPUT to share this
struct perf_mmap {
void *base;
int mask;
atomic_t refcnt;
u64 prev;
struct auxtrace_mmap auxtrace_mmap;
char event_copy[PERF_SAMPLE_MAX_SIZE] __attribute__((aligned(8)));
struct perf_evlist {
struct list_head entries;
struct hlist_head heads[PERF_EVLIST__HLIST_SIZE];
int nr_entries;
int nr_groups;
int nr_mmaps;
bool overwrite;
bool enabled;
size_t mmap_len;
int id_pos;
int is_pos;
u64 combined_sample_type;
struct {
int cork_fd;
pid_t pid;
} workload;
struct fdarray pollfd;
struct perf_mmap *mmap;
struct thread_map *threads;
struct cpu_map *cpus;
struct perf_evsel *selected;
struct events_stats stats;
struct perf_env *env;
struct perf_evsel_str_handler {
const char *name;
void *handler;
struct perf_evlist *perf_evlist__new(void);
struct perf_evlist *perf_evlist__new_default(void);
void perf_evlist__init(struct perf_evlist *evlist, struct cpu_map *cpus,
struct thread_map *threads);
void perf_evlist__exit(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
void perf_evlist__delete(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
void perf_evlist__add(struct perf_evlist *evlist, struct perf_evsel *entry);
int perf_evlist__add_default(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
int __perf_evlist__add_default_attrs(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct perf_event_attr *attrs, size_t nr_attrs);
#define perf_evlist__add_default_attrs(evlist, array) \
__perf_evlist__add_default_attrs(evlist, array, ARRAY_SIZE(array))
int perf_evlist__add_newtp(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
const char *sys, const char *name, void *handler);
int perf_evlist__set_filter(struct perf_evlist *evlist, const char *filter);
int perf_evlist__set_filter_pid(struct perf_evlist *evlist, pid_t pid);
int perf_evlist__set_filter_pids(struct perf_evlist *evlist, size_t npids, pid_t *pids);
struct perf_evsel *
perf_evlist__find_tracepoint_by_id(struct perf_evlist *evlist, int id);
struct perf_evsel *
perf_evlist__find_tracepoint_by_name(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
const char *name);
void perf_evlist__id_add(struct perf_evlist *evlist, struct perf_evsel *evsel,
int cpu, int thread, u64 id);
int perf_evlist__add_pollfd(struct perf_evlist *evlist, int fd);
int perf_evlist__alloc_pollfd(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
int perf_evlist__filter_pollfd(struct perf_evlist *evlist, short revents_and_mask);
int perf_evlist__poll(struct perf_evlist *evlist, int timeout);
struct perf_evsel *perf_evlist__id2evsel(struct perf_evlist *evlist, u64 id);
struct perf_sample_id *perf_evlist__id2sid(struct perf_evlist *evlist, u64 id);
union perf_event *perf_evlist__mmap_read(struct perf_evlist *evlist, int idx);
void perf_evlist__mmap_consume(struct perf_evlist *evlist, int idx);
int perf_evlist__open(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
void perf_evlist__close(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
void perf_evlist__set_id_pos(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
bool perf_can_sample_identifier(void);
bool perf_can_record_switch_events(void);
bool perf_can_record_cpu_wide(void);
void perf_evlist__config(struct perf_evlist *evlist, struct record_opts *opts);
int record_opts__config(struct record_opts *opts);
int perf_evlist__prepare_workload(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct target *target,
const char *argv[], bool pipe_output,
void (*exec_error)(int signo, siginfo_t *info,
void *ucontext));
int perf_evlist__start_workload(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
struct option;
int __perf_evlist__parse_mmap_pages(unsigned int *mmap_pages, const char *str);
int perf_evlist__parse_mmap_pages(const struct option *opt,
const char *str,
int unset);
int perf_evlist__mmap_ex(struct perf_evlist *evlist, unsigned int pages,
bool overwrite, unsigned int auxtrace_pages,
bool auxtrace_overwrite);
int perf_evlist__mmap(struct perf_evlist *evlist, unsigned int pages,
bool overwrite);
void perf_evlist__munmap(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
void perf_evlist__disable(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
void perf_evlist__enable(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
void perf_evlist__toggle_enable(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
int perf_evlist__disable_event(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct perf_evsel *evsel);
int perf_evlist__enable_event(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct perf_evsel *evsel);
int perf_evlist__enable_event_idx(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct perf_evsel *evsel, int idx);
void perf_evlist__set_selected(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct perf_evsel *evsel);
int perf_evlist__set_maps(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct cpu_map *cpus,
struct thread_map *threads);
int perf_evlist__create_maps(struct perf_evlist *evlist, struct target *target);
int perf_evlist__apply_filters(struct perf_evlist *evlist, struct perf_evsel **err_evsel);
void __perf_evlist__set_leader(struct list_head *list);
void perf_evlist__set_leader(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
u64 perf_evlist__read_format(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
u64 __perf_evlist__combined_sample_type(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
u64 perf_evlist__combined_sample_type(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
u64 perf_evlist__combined_branch_type(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
bool perf_evlist__sample_id_all(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
u16 perf_evlist__id_hdr_size(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
int perf_evlist__parse_sample(struct perf_evlist *evlist, union perf_event *event,
struct perf_sample *sample);
bool perf_evlist__valid_sample_type(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
bool perf_evlist__valid_sample_id_all(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
bool perf_evlist__valid_read_format(struct perf_evlist *evlist);
void perf_evlist__splice_list_tail(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct list_head *list,
int nr_entries);
static inline struct perf_evsel *perf_evlist__first(struct perf_evlist *evlist)
return list_entry(evlist->, struct perf_evsel, node);
static inline struct perf_evsel *perf_evlist__last(struct perf_evlist *evlist)
return list_entry(evlist->entries.prev, struct perf_evsel, node);
size_t perf_evlist__fprintf(struct perf_evlist *evlist, FILE *fp);
int perf_evlist__strerror_open(struct perf_evlist *evlist, int err, char *buf, size_t size);
int perf_evlist__strerror_mmap(struct perf_evlist *evlist, int err, char *buf, size_t size);
static inline u64 perf_mmap__read_head(struct perf_mmap *mm)
struct perf_event_mmap_page *pc = mm->base;
u64 head = ACCESS_ONCE(pc->data_head);
return head;
static inline void perf_mmap__write_tail(struct perf_mmap *md, u64 tail)
struct perf_event_mmap_page *pc = md->base;
* ensure all reads are done before we write the tail out.
pc->data_tail = tail;
bool perf_evlist__can_select_event(struct perf_evlist *evlist, const char *str);
void perf_evlist__to_front(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct perf_evsel *move_evsel);
* __evlist__for_each - iterate thru all the evsels
* @list: list_head instance to iterate
* @evsel: struct evsel iterator
#define __evlist__for_each(list, evsel) \
list_for_each_entry(evsel, list, node)
* evlist__for_each - iterate thru all the evsels
* @evlist: evlist instance to iterate
* @evsel: struct evsel iterator
#define evlist__for_each(evlist, evsel) \
__evlist__for_each(&(evlist)->entries, evsel)
* __evlist__for_each_continue - continue iteration thru all the evsels
* @list: list_head instance to iterate
* @evsel: struct evsel iterator
#define __evlist__for_each_continue(list, evsel) \
list_for_each_entry_continue(evsel, list, node)
* evlist__for_each_continue - continue iteration thru all the evsels
* @evlist: evlist instance to iterate
* @evsel: struct evsel iterator
#define evlist__for_each_continue(evlist, evsel) \
__evlist__for_each_continue(&(evlist)->entries, evsel)
* __evlist__for_each_reverse - iterate thru all the evsels in reverse order
* @list: list_head instance to iterate
* @evsel: struct evsel iterator
#define __evlist__for_each_reverse(list, evsel) \
list_for_each_entry_reverse(evsel, list, node)
* evlist__for_each_reverse - iterate thru all the evsels in reverse order
* @evlist: evlist instance to iterate
* @evsel: struct evsel iterator
#define evlist__for_each_reverse(evlist, evsel) \
__evlist__for_each_reverse(&(evlist)->entries, evsel)
* __evlist__for_each_safe - safely iterate thru all the evsels
* @list: list_head instance to iterate
* @tmp: struct evsel temp iterator
* @evsel: struct evsel iterator
#define __evlist__for_each_safe(list, tmp, evsel) \
list_for_each_entry_safe(evsel, tmp, list, node)
* evlist__for_each_safe - safely iterate thru all the evsels
* @evlist: evlist instance to iterate
* @evsel: struct evsel iterator
* @tmp: struct evsel temp iterator
#define evlist__for_each_safe(evlist, tmp, evsel) \
__evlist__for_each_safe(&(evlist)->entries, tmp, evsel)
void perf_evlist__set_tracking_event(struct perf_evlist *evlist,
struct perf_evsel *tracking_evsel);
#endif /* __PERF_EVLIST_H */