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* Copyright (c) 2007-2011 Nicira Networks.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
* 02110-1301, USA
#ifndef VPORT_H
#define VPORT_H 1
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/openvswitch.h>
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/u64_stats_sync.h>
#include "datapath.h"
struct vport;
struct vport_parms;
/* The following definitions are for users of the vport subsytem: */
int ovs_vport_init(void);
void ovs_vport_exit(void);
struct vport *ovs_vport_add(const struct vport_parms *);
void ovs_vport_del(struct vport *);
struct vport *ovs_vport_locate(const char *name);
void ovs_vport_get_stats(struct vport *, struct ovs_vport_stats *);
int ovs_vport_set_options(struct vport *, struct nlattr *options);
int ovs_vport_get_options(const struct vport *, struct sk_buff *);
int ovs_vport_send(struct vport *, struct sk_buff *);
/* The following definitions are for implementers of vport devices: */
struct vport_percpu_stats {
u64 rx_bytes;
u64 rx_packets;
u64 tx_bytes;
u64 tx_packets;
struct u64_stats_sync sync;
struct vport_err_stats {
u64 rx_dropped;
u64 rx_errors;
u64 tx_dropped;
u64 tx_errors;
* struct vport - one port within a datapath
* @rcu: RCU callback head for deferred destruction.
* @port_no: Index into @dp's @ports array.
* @dp: Datapath to which this port belongs.
* @node: Element in @dp's @port_list.
* @upcall_pid: The Netlink port to use for packets received on this port that
* miss the flow table.
* @hash_node: Element in @dev_table hash table in vport.c.
* @ops: Class structure.
* @percpu_stats: Points to per-CPU statistics used and maintained by vport
* @stats_lock: Protects @err_stats;
* @err_stats: Points to error statistics used and maintained by vport
struct vport {
struct rcu_head rcu;
u16 port_no;
struct datapath *dp;
struct list_head node;
u32 upcall_pid;
struct hlist_node hash_node;
const struct vport_ops *ops;
struct vport_percpu_stats __percpu *percpu_stats;
spinlock_t stats_lock;
struct vport_err_stats err_stats;
* struct vport_parms - parameters for creating a new vport
* @name: New vport's name.
* @type: New vport's type.
* @options: %OVS_VPORT_ATTR_OPTIONS attribute from Netlink message, %NULL if
* none was supplied.
* @dp: New vport's datapath.
* @port_no: New vport's port number.
struct vport_parms {
const char *name;
enum ovs_vport_type type;
struct nlattr *options;
/* For ovs_vport_alloc(). */
struct datapath *dp;
u16 port_no;
u32 upcall_pid;
* struct vport_ops - definition of a type of virtual port
* @type: %OVS_VPORT_TYPE_* value for this type of virtual port.
* @create: Create a new vport configured as specified. On success returns
* a new vport allocated with ovs_vport_alloc(), otherwise an ERR_PTR() value.
* @destroy: Destroys a vport. Must call vport_free() on the vport but not
* before an RCU grace period has elapsed.
* @set_options: Modify the configuration of an existing vport. May be %NULL
* if modification is not supported.
* @get_options: Appends vport-specific attributes for the configuration of an
* existing vport to a &struct sk_buff. May be %NULL for a vport that does not
* have any configuration.
* @get_name: Get the device's name.
* @get_config: Get the device's configuration.
* @get_ifindex: Get the system interface index associated with the device.
* May be null if the device does not have an ifindex.
* @send: Send a packet on the device. Returns the length of the packet sent.
struct vport_ops {
enum ovs_vport_type type;
/* Called with RTNL lock. */
struct vport *(*create)(const struct vport_parms *);
void (*destroy)(struct vport *);
int (*set_options)(struct vport *, struct nlattr *);
int (*get_options)(const struct vport *, struct sk_buff *);
/* Called with rcu_read_lock or RTNL lock. */
const char *(*get_name)(const struct vport *);
void (*get_config)(const struct vport *, void *);
int (*get_ifindex)(const struct vport *);
int (*send)(struct vport *, struct sk_buff *);
enum vport_err_type {
struct vport *ovs_vport_alloc(int priv_size, const struct vport_ops *,
const struct vport_parms *);
void ovs_vport_free(struct vport *);
#define VPORT_ALIGN 8
* vport_priv - access private data area of vport
* @vport: vport to access
* If a nonzero size was passed in priv_size of vport_alloc() a private data
* area was allocated on creation. This allows that area to be accessed and
* used for any purpose needed by the vport implementer.
static inline void *vport_priv(const struct vport *vport)
return (u8 *)vport + ALIGN(sizeof(struct vport), VPORT_ALIGN);
* vport_from_priv - lookup vport from private data pointer
* @priv: Start of private data area.
* It is sometimes useful to translate from a pointer to the private data
* area to the vport, such as in the case where the private data pointer is
* the result of a hash table lookup. @priv must point to the start of the
* private data area.
static inline struct vport *vport_from_priv(const void *priv)
return (struct vport *)(priv - ALIGN(sizeof(struct vport), VPORT_ALIGN));
void ovs_vport_receive(struct vport *, struct sk_buff *);
void ovs_vport_record_error(struct vport *, enum vport_err_type err_type);
/* List of statically compiled vport implementations. Don't forget to also
* add yours to the list at the top of vport.c. */
extern const struct vport_ops ovs_netdev_vport_ops;
extern const struct vport_ops ovs_internal_vport_ops;
#endif /* vport.h */