Merge tag 'arc-5.0-final' of git://

Pull ARC fixes from Vineet Gupta:
 "Fixes for ARC for 5.0, bunch of those are stable fodder anyways so
  sooner the better.

   - Fix memcpy to prevent prefetchw beyond end of buffer [Eugeniy]

   - Enable unaligned access early to prevent exceptions given newer gcc
     code gen [Eugeniy]

   - Tighten up uboot arg checking to prevent false negatives and also
     allow both jtag and bootloading to coexist w/o config option as
     needed by kernelCi folks [Eugeniy]

   - Set slab alignment to 8 for ARC to avoid the atomic64_t unalign

   - Disable regfile auto save on interrupts on HSDK platform due to a
     silicon issue [Vineet]

   - Avoid HS38x boot printing crash by not reading HS48x only reg

* tag 'arc-5.0-final' of git://
  ARCv2: don't assume core 0x54 has dual issue
  ARC: enable uboot support unconditionally
  ARC: U-boot: check arguments paranoidly
  ARCv2: support manual regfile save on interrupts
  ARC: uacces: remove lp_start, lp_end from clobber list
  ARC: fix actionpoints configuration detection
  ARCv2: lib: memcpy: fix doing prefetchw outside of buffer
  ARCv2: Enable unaligned access in early ASM code