Merge tag 'omap-for-v5.0/fixes-rc7-signed' of git:// into arm/fixes

Two am335x ethernet phy mode fixes for v5.0-rc cycle

Recent changes with commit cd28d1d6e52e: ("net: phy: at803x: Disable phy
delay for RGMII mode") broke Ethernet on am335x-evmsk, and turns out some
device driver fixes are needed.

Even without the driver fixes, am335x needs to run in rgmii-id mode instead
rgmii-txid mode. Things have been working based on luck as the broken driver
has been configuring rgmii-id mode. Let's fix that as that way things work
as they're supposed to work from hardware wiring point of view.

* tag 'omap-for-v5.0/fixes-rc7-signed' of git://
  ARM: dts: am335x-evm: Fix PHY mode for ethernet
  ARM: dts: am335x-evmsk: Fix PHY mode for ethernet

Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <>