Merge tag 'pm-5.0' of git://

Pull power management fixes from Rafael Wysocki:
 "These fix a regression in the PM-runtime framework introduced by the
  recent switch-over of it to using hrtimers and a use-after-free
  introduced by one of the recent changes in the scmi-cpufreq driver.


   - Use hrtimer_try_to_cancel() instead of hrtimer_cancel() in the
     PM-runtime framework to avoid a possible timer-related deadlock
     introduced recently (Vincent Guittot).

   - Reorder the scmi-cpufreq driver code to avoid accessing memory that
     has just been freed (Yangtao Li)"

* tag 'pm-5.0' of git://
  PM-runtime: Fix deadlock when canceling hrtimer
  cpufreq: scmi: Fix use-after-free in scmi_cpufreq_exit()