Merge branch 'strscpy' of git://

Pull strscpy fixes from Chris Metcalf :
 "This patch series fixes up a couple of architecture issues where
  strscpy wasn't configured correctly (missing on h8300, duplicating
  local and asm-generic copies on powerpc and tile).

  It also adds a use of zero_bytemask() to the final store for strscpy
  to avoid writing uninitialized data to the destination.  However, to
  make this work we had to add support for zero_bytemask() to the two
  architectures that didn't have it (alpha and tile), because they were
  providing their own local copies, but didn't provide the
  zero_bytemask() that was previously only required when building with

[ Side note: there is still no actual users of strscpy except for the
  one preexisting use in arch/tile that predates the generic version.
  So this is all about fixing the infrastructure so that we eventually
  can start using it.  - Linus ]

* 'strscpy' of git://
  strscpy: zero any trailing garbage bytes in the destination
  word-at-a-time.h: support zero_bytemask() on alpha and tile
  word-at-a-time.h: fix some Kbuild files