Merge git://

Pull IOVA fixes from David Woodhouse:
 "The main fix here is the first one, fixing the over-allocation of
   size-aligned requests.  The other patches simply make the existing
  IOVA code available to users other than the Intel VT-d driver, with no
  functional change.

  I concede the latter really *should* have been submitted during the
  merge window, but since it's basically risk-free and people are
  waiting to build on top of it and it's my fault I didn't get it in, I
  (and they) would be grateful if you'd take it"

* git://
  iommu: Make the iova library a module
  iommu: iova: Export symbols
  iommu: iova: Move iova cache management to the iova library
  iommu/iova: Avoid over-allocating when size-aligned