Merge tag 'zonefs-6.3-rc1' of git://

Pull zonefs updates from Damien Le Moal:

 - Reorganize zonefs code to split file related operations to a new
   fs/zonefs/file.c file (me)

 - Modify zonefs to use dynamically allocated inodes and dentries (using
   the inode and dentry caches) instead of statically allocating
   everything on mount. This saves a significant amount of memory for
   very large zoned block devices with 10s of thousands of zones (me)

 - Make zonefs_sb_ktype a const struct kobj_type (Thomas)

* tag 'zonefs-6.3-rc1' of git://
  zonefs: make kobj_type structure constant
  zonefs: Cache zone group directory inodes
  zonefs: Dynamically create file inodes when needed
  zonefs: Separate zone information from inode information
  zonefs: Reduce struct zonefs_inode_info size
  zonefs: Simplify IO error handling
  zonefs: Reorganize code