Merge tag '6.3-rc-ksmbd-fixes' of git://

Pull ksmbd server updates from Steve French:

 - Fix for memory leak

 - Two important fixes for frame length checks (which are also now

 - four minor cleanup fixes

 - Fix to clarify ksmbd/Kconfig to indent properl

 - Conversion of the channel list and rpc handle list to xarrays

* tag '6.3-rc-ksmbd-fixes' of git://
  ksmbd: fix possible memory leak in smb2_lock()
  ksmbd: do not allow the actual frame length to be smaller than the rfc1002 length
  ksmbd: fix wrong data area length for smb2 lock request
  ksmbd: Fix parameter name and comment mismatch
  ksmbd: Fix spelling mistake "excceed" -> "exceeded"
  ksmbd: update Kconfig to note Kerberos support and fix indentation
  ksmbd: Remove duplicated codes
  ksmbd: fix typo, syncronous->synchronous
  ksmbd: Implements sess->rpc_handle_list as xarray
  ksmbd: Implements sess->ksmbd_chann_list as xarray