Merge tag 'nfsd-6.3' of git://

Pull nfsd updates from Chuck Lever:
 "Two significant security enhancements are part of this release:

   - NFSD's RPC header encoding and decoding, including RPCSEC GSS and
     gssproxy header parsing, has been overhauled to make it more

   - Support for Kerberos AES-SHA2-based encryption types has been added
     for both the NFS client and server. This provides a clean path for
     deprecating and removing insecure encryption types based on DES and
     SHA-1. AES-SHA2 is also FIPS-140 compliant, so that NFS with
     Kerberos may now be used on systems with fips enabled.

  In addition to these, NFSD is now able to handle crossing into an
  auto-mounted mount point on an exported NFS mount. A number of fixes
  have been made to NFSD's server-side copy implementation.

  RPC metrics have been converted to per-CPU variables. This helps
  reduce unnecessary cross-CPU and cross-node memory bus traffic, and
  significantly reduces noise when KCSAN is enabled"

* tag 'nfsd-6.3' of git:// (121 commits)
  NFSD: Clean up nfsd_symlink()
  NFSD: copy the whole verifier in nfsd_copy_write_verifier
  nfsd: don't fsync nfsd_files on last close
  SUNRPC: Fix occasional warning when destroying gss_krb5_enctypes
  nfsd: fix courtesy client with deny mode handling in nfs4_upgrade_open
  NFSD: fix problems with cleanup on errors in nfsd4_copy
  nfsd: fix race to check ls_layouts
  nfsd: don't hand out delegation on setuid files being opened for write
  SUNRPC: Remove ->xpo_secure_port()
  SUNRPC: Clean up the svc_xprt_flags() macro
  nfsd: remove fs/nfsd/fault_inject.c
  NFSD: fix leaked reference count of nfsd4_ssc_umount_item
  nfsd: clean up potential nfsd_file refcount leaks in COPY codepath
  nfsd: zero out pointers after putting nfsd_files on COPY setup error
  SUNRPC: Fix whitespace damage in svcauth_unix.c
  nfsd: eliminate __nfs4_get_fd
  nfsd: add some kerneldoc comments for stateid preprocessing functions
  nfsd: eliminate find_deleg_file_locked
  nfsd: don't take nfsd4_copy ref for OP_OFFLOAD_STATUS
  SUNRPC: Add encryption self-tests