Merge tag 'trace-tools-v6.3' of git://

Pull tracing tools updates from Steven Rostedt:

 - Use total duration to calculate average in rtla osnoise_hist

 - Use 2 digit precision for displaying average

 - Print an intuitive auto analysis of timerlat results

 - Add auto analysis to timerlat top

 - Add hwnoise, which is the same as osnoise but focuses on hardware

 - Small clean ups

* tag 'trace-tools-v6.3' of git://
  Documentation/rtla: Add hwnoise man page
  rtla: Add hwnoise tool
  Documentation/rtla: Add timerlat-top auto-analysis options
  rtla/timerlat: Add auto-analysis support to timerlat top
  rtla/timerlat: Add auto-analysis core
  tools/tracing/rtla: osnoise_hist: display average with two-digit precision
  tools/tracing/rtla: osnoise_hist: use total duration for average calculation
  tools/rv: Remove unneeded semicolon