Merge tag 'sound-4.0-rc3' of git://

Pull sound fixes from Takashi Iwai:
 "Here are a few more ASoC changes that have been gathered since rc1,
  but it's still fairly calm over all.  The only largish LOC is found in
  atmel driver, and it's just a removal of broken non-DT stuff.  The
  rest are all small driver-specific fixes, nothing to worry much"

* tag 'sound-4.0-rc3' of git:// (26 commits)
  ALSA: hda - One more Dell macine needs DELL1_MIC_NO_PRESENCE quirk
  ALSA: opl3: small array underflow
  ALSA: line6: Clamp values correctly
  ALSA: msnd: add some missing curly braces
  ASoC: omap-pcm: Correct dma mask
  ASoC: simple-card: Add a NULL pointer check in asoc_simple_card_dai_link_of
  ASoC: sam9g20_wm8731: drop machine_is_xxx
  ALSA: dice: fix wrong offsets for Dice interface
  ALSA: oxfw: fix a condition and return code in start_stream()
  ASoC: OMAP: mcbsp: Fix CLKX and CLKR pinmux when used as inputs
  ASoC: rt5677: Correct the routing paths of that after IF1/2 DACx Mux
  ASoC: sta32x: fix register range in regmap.
  ASoC: rt5670: Set RT5670_IRQ_CTRL1 non volatile
  ASoC: Intel: reset the DSP while suspending
  ASoC: Intel: save and restore the CSR register
  ASoC: Intel: update MMX ID to 3
  ASoC: max98357a: Add missing header files
  ASoC: cirrus: tlv320aic23 needs I2C
  ASoC: Samsung: add missing I2C/SPI dependencies
  ASoC: rt5670: Fix the speaker mono output issue