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/* Common header for intel-gtt.ko and i915.ko */
#ifndef _DRM_INTEL_GTT_H
#define _DRM_INTEL_GTT_H
struct intel_gtt {
/* Size of memory reserved for graphics by the BIOS */
unsigned int stolen_size;
/* Total number of gtt entries. */
unsigned int gtt_total_entries;
/* Part of the gtt that is mappable by the cpu, for those chips where
* this is not the full gtt. */
unsigned int gtt_mappable_entries;
/* Whether i915 needs to use the dmar apis or not. */
unsigned int needs_dmar : 1;
/* Whether we idle the gpu before mapping/unmapping */
unsigned int do_idle_maps : 1;
/* Share the scratch page dma with ppgtts. */
dma_addr_t scratch_page_dma;
struct page *scratch_page;
/* for ppgtt PDE access */
u32 __iomem *gtt;
/* needed for ioremap in drm/i915 */
phys_addr_t gma_bus_addr;
} *intel_gtt_get(void);
int intel_gmch_probe(struct pci_dev *bridge_pdev, struct pci_dev *gpu_pdev,
struct agp_bridge_data *bridge);
void intel_gmch_remove(void);
bool intel_enable_gtt(void);
void intel_gtt_chipset_flush(void);
void intel_gtt_insert_sg_entries(struct sg_table *st,
unsigned int pg_start,
unsigned int flags);
void intel_gtt_clear_range(unsigned int first_entry, unsigned int num_entries);
/* Special gtt memory types */
/* flag for GFDT type */
extern int intel_iommu_gfx_mapped;