Merge tag 'timers-urgent-2020-07-19' of git:// into master

Pull timer fixes from Thomas Gleixner:
 "Two fixes for the timer wheel:

   - A timer which is already expired at enqueue time can set the
     base->next_expiry value backwards. As a consequence base->clk can
     be set back as well. This can lead to timers expiring early. Add a
     sanity check to prevent this.

   - When a timer is queued with an expiry time beyond the wheel
     capacity then it should be queued in the bucket of the last wheel
     level which is expiring last.

     The code adjusted the expiry time to the maximum wheel capacity,
     which is only correct when the wheel clock is 0. Aside of that the
     check whether the delta is larger than wheel capacity does not
     check the delta, it checks the expiry value itself. As a result
     timers can expire at random.

     Fix this by checking the right variable and adjust expiry time so
     it becomes base->clock plus capacity which places it into the
     outmost bucket in the last wheel level"

* tag 'timers-urgent-2020-07-19' of git://
  timer: Fix wheel index calculation on last level
  timer: Prevent base->clk from moving backward