Merge tag 'media/v5.8-3' of git:// into master

Pull media fixes from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
 "A series of fixes for the upcoming atomisp driver. They solve issues
  when probing atomisp on devices with multiple cameras and get rid of
  warnings when built with W=1.

  The diffstat is a bit long, as this driver has several abstractions.
  The patches that solved the issues with W=1 had to get rid of some
  duplicated code (there used to have 2 versions of the same code, one
  for ISP2401 and another one for ISP2400).

  As this driver is not in 5.7, such changes won't cause regressions"

* tag 'media/v5.8-3' of git:// (38 commits)
  Revert "media: atomisp: keep the ISP powered on when setting it"
  media: atomisp: fix mask and shift operation on ISPSSPM0
  media: atomisp: move system_local consts into a C file
  media: atomisp: get rid of version-specific system_local.h
  media: atomisp: move global stuff into a common header
  media: atomisp: remove non-used 32-bits consts at system_local
  media: atomisp: get rid of some unused static vars
  media: atomisp: Fix error code in ov5693_probe()
  media: atomisp: Replace trace_printk by pr_info
  media: atomisp: Fix __func__ style warnings
  media: atomisp: fix help message for ISP2401 selection
  media: atomisp: i2c: atomisp-ov2680.c: fixed a brace coding style issue.
  media: atomisp: make const arrays static, makes object smaller
  media: atomisp: Clean up non-existing folders from Makefile
  media: atomisp: Get rid of ACPI specifics in gmin_subdev_add()
  media: atomisp: Provide Gmin subdev as parameter to gmin_subdev_add()
  media: atomisp: Use temporary variable for device in gmin_subdev_add()
  media: atomisp: Refactor PMIC detection to a separate function
  media: atomisp: Deduplicate return ret in gmin_i2c_write()
  media: atomisp: Make pointer to PMIC client global