Merge tag 'x86-urgent-2020-07-19' of git:// into master

Pull x86 fixes from Thomas Gleixner:
 "A pile of fixes for x86:

   - Fix the I/O bitmap invalidation on XEN PV, which was overlooked in
     the recent ioperm/iopl rework. This caused the TSS and XEN's I/O
     bitmap to get out of sync.

   - Use the proper vectors for HYPERV.

   - Make disabling of stack protector for the entry code work with GCC
     builds which enable stack protector by default. Removing the option
     is not sufficient, it needs an explicit -fno-stack-protector to
     shut it off.

   - Mark check_user_regs() noinstr as it is called from noinstr code.
     The missing annotation causes it to be placed in the text section
     which makes it instrumentable.

   - Add the missing interrupt disable in exc_alignment_check()

   - Fixup a XEN_PV build dependency in the 32bit entry code

   - A few fixes to make the Clang integrated assembler happy

   - Move EFI stub build to the right place for out of tree builds

   - Make prepare_exit_to_usermode() static. It's not longer called from
     ASM code"

* tag 'x86-urgent-2020-07-19' of git://
  x86/boot: Don't add the EFI stub to targets
  x86/entry: Actually disable stack protector
  x86/ioperm: Fix io bitmap invalidation on Xen PV
  x86: math-emu: Fix up 'cmp' insn for clang ias
  x86/entry: Fix vectors to IDTENTRY_SYSVEC for CONFIG_HYPERV
  x86/entry: Add compatibility with IAS
  x86/entry/common: Make prepare_exit_to_usermode() static
  x86/entry: Mark check_user_regs() noinstr
  x86/traps: Disable interrupts in exc_aligment_check()
  x86/entry/32: Fix XEN_PV build dependency