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perf-top - System profiling tool.
'perf top' [-e <EVENT> | --event=EVENT] [<options>]
This command generates and displays a performance counter profile in real time.
System-wide collection. (default)
-c <count>::
Event period to sample.
-C <cpu-list>::
Monitor only on the list of CPUs provided. Multiple CPUs can be provided as a
comma-separated list with no space: 0,1. Ranges of CPUs are specified with -: 0-2.
Default is to monitor all CPUS.
-d <seconds>::
Number of seconds to delay between refreshes.
-e <event>::
Select the PMU event. Selection can be a symbolic event name
(use 'perf list' to list all events) or a raw PMU
event (eventsel+umask) in the form of rNNN where NNN is a
hexadecimal event descriptor.
-E <entries>::
Display this many functions.
-f <count>::
Only display functions with more events than this.
Put the counters into a counter group.
-F <freq>::
Profile at this frequency.
Child tasks inherit counters, only makes sens with -p option.
-k <path>::
Path to vmlinux. Required for annotation functionality.
-m <pages>::
Number of mmapped data pages.
-p <pid>::
Profile events on existing Process ID.
-t <tid>::
Profile events on existing thread ID.
-r <priority>::
Collect data with this RT SCHED_FIFO priority.
-s <symbol>::
Annotate this symbol.
Hide kernel symbols.
Hide user symbols.
Dump the symbol table used for profiling.
Be more verbose (show counter open errors, etc).
Zero history across display updates.
Display refresh delay.
Number of entries to display.
Event to display when multiple counters are active.
Profile display filter (>= hit count).
Annotation display filter (>= % of total).
Annotate symbol.
Stop annotation, return to full profile display.
Toggle between weighted sum and individual count[E]r profile.
Toggle event count zeroing across display updates.
Pressing any unmapped key displays a menu, and prompts for input.
linkperf:perf-stat[1], linkperf:perf-list[1]