Merge tag 'iommu-fixes-v5.3-rc4' of git://

Pull iommu fixes from Joerg Roedel:

 - A couple more fixes for the Intel VT-d driver for bugs introduced
   during the recent conversion of this driver to use IOMMU core default

 - Fix for common dma-iommu code to make sure MSI mappings happen in the
   correct domain for a device.

 - Fix a corner case in the handling of sg-lists in dma-iommu code that
   might cause dma_length to be truncated.

 - Mark a switch as fall-through in arm-smmu code.

* tag 'iommu-fixes-v5.3-rc4' of git://
  iommu/vt-d: Fix possible use-after-free of private domain
  iommu/vt-d: Detach domain before using a private one
  iommu/dma: Handle SG length overflow better
  iommu/vt-d: Correctly check format of page table in debugfs
  iommu/vt-d: Detach domain when move device out of group
  iommu/arm-smmu: Mark expected switch fall-through
  iommu/dma: Handle MSI mappings separately