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2006-02-02 Keith Packard <>
* twin_fedit/twin-fedit.c: (dot), (spot):
Eliminate spurious segment by moving to initial arc point
2006-02-02 Carl Worth <>
* twin_fedit/Makefile: Add x11 as a required package, (cairo no
longer pulls this in by default).
* twin_fedit/twin-fedit.c: (init), (read_char), (dot), (spot),
(draw_char), (pos_to_cmd), (replace_with_spline), (main): Track
changes in cairo API to bring forward to be compatible with cairo
1.0.x. Remove some unused variables.
* twin_fedit/twin-fedit.h: Add missing includes of cairo-xlib.h,
X11/Xutil.h, and string.h.
* twin_fedit/twin-sfit.c: (new_pts), (add_pt), (fit): Add missing
return value and remove unused variables.
2004-10-29 Keith Packard <>
add demoline + demospline
* twin.h:
* twin_box.c: (_twin_box_dispatch):
* twin_clock.c: (twin_clock_hand), (_twin_clock_face):
* twin_convolve.c: (_twin_subpath_convolve):
* twin_demo.c: (twin_line_start), (twin_circletext_start),
* twin_draw.c: (twin_composite):
* twin_font.c: (_twin_text_compute_pen):
* twin_label.c: (_twin_label_paint), (_twin_label_init):
* twin_path.c: (twin_path_circle), (twin_path_ellipse),
(twin_path_arc), (twin_path_rectangle),
(twin_path_rounded_rectangle), (twin_path_lozenge),
(twin_path_tab), (twin_path_set_cap_style),
(twin_path_current_cap_style), (twin_path_create),
(twin_quickbrown_start), (twin_ascii_start), (twin_demo_start):
* twin_widget.c: (_twin_path_shape), (_twin_widget_paint_shape),
(_twin_widget_paint), (_twin_widget_init),
* twinint.h:
Add cap styles, widget shapes, text alignment and arcs
Change circle/ellipse API.
* twin_button.c: (_twin_button_dispatch):
Capture button events.
* twin_calc.c: (twin_calc_start):
Use Lozenge shape for output
* twin_demoline.c: (_twin_demoline_paint),
(_twin_demoline_update_pos), (_twin_demoline_hit),
(_twin_demoline_dispatch), (_twin_demoline_init),
(twin_demoline_create), (twin_demoline_start):
* twin_demoline.h:
Drag lines with the mouse
* twin_demospline.c: (_twin_demospline_paint),
(_twin_demospline_update_pos), (_twin_demospline_hit),
(_twin_demospline_dispatch), (_twin_demospline_init),
(twin_demospline_create), (twin_demospline_start):
* twin_demospline.h:
drag splines with the mouse
* twin_glyphs.c:
move '1' right a bit
* twin_toplevel.c: (_twin_toplevel_event):
Convert dispatch result to boool
* twin_window.c: (twin_window_create), (twin_window_dispatch):
was mis-computing delegate and crashing when window->event was NULL
* twin_x11.c: (twin_x11_read_events):
Map X button info to twin mask
* xtwin.c: (main):
draw different stuff.
2004-10-27 Keith Packard <>
* twin_box.c: (_twin_box_dispatch):
Boxes have no paint
* twin_clock.c: (twin_clock_set_transform), (twin_clock_hand),
(_twin_clock_face), (_twin_clock_interval), (_twin_clock_paint),
(_twin_clock_timeout), (_twin_clock_dispatch), (_twin_clock_init),
(twin_clock_create), (twin_clock_start):
* twin_clock.h:
Convert to a widget
* twin_widget.c: (_twin_widget_paint):
Always paint background, even if transparent
* xtwin.c: (main):
show clock widget
2004-10-27 Keith Packard <>
Add calculator and missing header files
* twin.h:
* twin_box.c: (_twin_box_init), (_twin_box_query_geometry),
(_twin_box_configure), (_twin_box_dispatch), (twin_box_create):
* twin_button.c: (_twin_button_dispatch), (_twin_button_init):
* twin_toplevel.c: (_twin_toplevel_init):
* twin_widget.c: (_twin_widget_dispatch), (_twin_widget_init),
* twin_label.c: (_twin_label_query_geometry),
(_twin_label_dispatch), (_twin_label_init):
* twinint.h:
Change type name from twin_layout_t to twin_box_dir_t
Create new twin_widget_layout_t holding layout preferences.
Add copy_geom field to widget to make widgets look the same
Add button signals and signal proc.
Fix box layout to sum stretch along axis and minimize normal
* twin_calc.c: (_twin_calc_button_to_id),
(_twin_calc_update_value), (_twin_calc_push), (_twin_calc_pop),
(_twin_calc_digit), (_twin_calc_button_signal), (twin_calc_start):
* twin_calc.h:
* xtwin.c: (main):
Add calculator demo
2004-10-26 Keith Packard <>
* twin_button.c: (_twin_button_paint):
* twin_widget.c: (_twin_widget_bevel):
* twinint.h:
Move bevel routine to twin_widget for sharing
* twin_dispatch.c: (twin_dispatch):
Change order of timeout vs work, making work come last as
that's where redisplay occurs.
* twin_draw.c: (twin_fill):
Oops. Argument order wrong in twin_pixmap_damage call
* twin_hello.c: (twin_hello_start):
Make button italic to test
* twin_pixmap.c: (twin_pixmap_damage):
Change names of formals to match prototype
2004-10-26 Keith Packard <>
* twin_button.c: (_twin_button_paint):
Paint polygons instead of stroked lines for button edges
* twin_font.c: (_twin_text_compute_info):
Snap origin to pixel grid
* twin_hello.c: (_twin_hello_timeout):
Strip newline from ctime output
2004-10-26 Keith Packard <>
* twin_button.c: (_twin_button_paint),
(_twin_button_set_label_offset), (_twin_button_dispatch),
(_twin_button_init), (twin_button_create):
Add button widget
* twin.h:
* twinint.h:
Grab button down inside client area.
Add button widget
* twin_hello.c: (twin_hello_start):
* twin_hello.h:
Test button widget
* twin_label.c: (_twin_label_paint), (_twin_label_init),
Permit subclassing; add offset to make text shift in button
* twin_widget.c: (_twin_widget_contains):
Add _twin_widget_contains to test inclusion
* twin_window.c: (twin_window_create), (twin_window_dispatch):
Grab button down inside client area
* xtwin.c: (main):
Make hello window larger
2004-10-25 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_box.c: (_twin_box_init), (_twin_box_query_geometry),
(_twin_box_configure), (_twin_box_xy_to_widget),
(_twin_box_dispatch), (twin_box_create):
* twin_label.c: (_twin_label_query_geometry), (_twin_label_paint),
(_twin_label_dispatch), (twin_label_set), (_twin_label_init),
* twin_toplevel.c: (_twin_toplevel_dispatch),
(_twin_toplevel_event), (_twin_toplevel_draw),
(_twin_toplevel_destroy), (_twin_toplevel_init),
(twin_toplevel_create), (_twin_toplevel_paint),
(_twin_toplevel_queue_paint), (_twin_toplevel_layout),
(_twin_toplevel_queue_layout), (twin_toplevel_show):
* twin_widget.c: (_twin_widget_paint), (_twin_widget_dispatch),
(_twin_widget_init), (_twin_widget_queue_paint),
(_twin_widget_queue_layout), (twin_widget_create),
* twinint.h:
Add initial widget implementation.
* twin_glyphs.c:
Fix numbers to have the same width.
* twin_pixmap.c: (twin_pixmap_set_clip):
Add new relative-origin clip setting function
* twin_screen.c: (twin_screen_set_active), (twin_screen_dispatch):
* twin_window.c: (twin_window_create), (twin_window_style_size),
(twin_window_draw), (twin_window_dispatch):
* twin_x11.c: (twin_x11_read_events):
* twin_clock.c: (twin_clock_start):
* twin_demo.c: (twin_example_start), (twin_line_start),
(twin_circletext_start), (twin_quickbrown_start),
(twin_ascii_start), (twin_jelly_start):
* twin_text.c: (twin_text_start):
Change enumerated constants to include Twin prefix
* twin_hello.c: (_twin_hello_timeout), (twin_hello_start):
Add new widget-based demo
* xtwin.c: (main):
Start widget based demo
2004-10-25 Keith Packard <>
* twin_dispatch.c: (twin_dispatch):
* twin_file.c: (_twin_file_order), (_twin_run_file),
(twin_set_file), (twin_clear_file):
* twin_queue.c: (_twin_queue_insert), (_twin_queue_remove),
(_twin_queue_delete), (_twin_queue_set_order),
* twin_timeout.c: (_twin_timeout_order), (_twin_queue_timeout),
(_twin_run_timeout), (twin_set_timeout), (twin_clear_timeout),
(_twin_timeout_delay), (twin_now):
* twin_work.c: (_twin_work_order), (_twin_queue_work),
(_twin_run_work), (twin_set_work), (twin_clear_work):
* twinint.h:
Add dispatch stuff to manage timeouts, workprocs and files.
Remove thread stuff
* twin.h:
* twin_clock.c: (twin_clock_set_transform), (twin_clock_hand),
(twin_clock_minute_angle), (twin_clock_face), (twin_clock_timeout),
* twin_clock.h:
* twin_demo.c: (twin_example_start), (twin_line_start),
(twin_circletext_start), (twin_quickbrown_start),
(twin_ascii_start), (twin_jelly_start), (twin_extents_start),
* twin_demo.h:
* twin_text.c: (twin_text_start):
* twin_text.h:
* xtwin.c: (main):
Split demos into separate files
* twin_draw.c: (twin_composite), (twin_fill):
Make drawing origin match clip rectangle.
* twin_fedit
Add glyph editor to CVS to preserve it
* twin_icon.c: (twin_icon_draw):
Add scalable icons
* twin_path.c: (_twin_path_sfinish), (_twin_path_smove),
(twin_path_close), (twin_path_circle), (twin_path_ellipse),
(twin_path_append), (twin_composite_path):
Separate 'closing' a subpath from 'finishing' a subpath; the
former adds a point back to the start while the latter just
leaves the path unclosed and prepares for a new subpath.
* twin_pixmap.c: (twin_pixmap_create), (twin_pixmap_show),
(twin_pixmap_hide), (twin_pixmap_clip), (twin_pixmap_current_clip),
(twin_pixmap_restore_clip), (twin_pixmap_reset_clip),
(twin_pixmap_damage), (twin_pixmap_move):
* twin_poly.c: (_twin_edge_build), (_span_fill), (_twin_edge_fill),
* twin_screen.c: (twin_screen_create):
Eliminate locking, add clipping.
* twin_window.c: (twin_window_create), (twin_window_configure),
Clean up title drawing, use clipping
* twin_x11.c: (twin_x11_read_events), (twin_x11_work),
(twin_x11_create), (twin_x11_destroy), (twin_x11_damage):
* twin_x11.h:
Eliminate locking, use dispatch stuff
2004-10-05 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_pattern.c: (twin_make_pattern):
* twin_pixmap.c: (twin_pixmap_create_const):
Add patterns.
* twin_screen.c: (twin_screen_create), (twin_screen_update),
(twin_screen_set_background), (twin_screen_get_background):
Add screen backgrounds
* twin_window.c: (twin_window_create), (twin_window_style_size),
(twin_window_frame), (twin_window_draw):
Eliminate spurious border bits
* xtwin.c: (twin_clock), (twin_text_app), (twin_start_clock),
Add text display applet
2004-10-05 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_draw.c: (twin_fill):
* twin_path.c: (twin_composite_path):
* twin_pixmap.c: (twin_pixmap_create), (twin_pixmap_show),
(twin_pixmap_hide), (_twin_pixmap_fetch),
(twin_pixmap_transparent), (twin_pixmap_move),
* twin_screen.c: (twin_screen_create), (twin_screen_lock),
(twin_screen_unlock), (twin_screen_update),
(twin_screen_set_active), (twin_screen_get_active),
* twin_thread.c: (twin_mutex_init), (twin_mutex_lock),
(twin_mutex_unlock), (twin_cond_init), (twin_cond_broadcast),
(twin_cond_wait), (twin_thread_create):
* twin_window.c: (twin_window_create), (twin_window_destroy),
(twin_window_show), (twin_window_hide), (twin_window_configure),
(twin_window_style_size), (twin_window_set_name),
(twin_window_frame), (twin_window_draw), (twin_window_dispatch):
* twin_x11.c: (_twin_x11_put_begin), (_twin_x11_put_span),
(twin_x11_damage_thread), (twin_x11_event_thread),
(twin_x11_screen_damaged), (twin_x11_create), (twin_x11_destroy):
* twin_x11.h:
* xtwin.c: (twin_clock_set_transform), (twin_clock_hand),
(twin_clock_face), (twin_clock), (twin_app_thread),
(twin_start_app), (twin_start_clock), (main):
Add the beginings of event dispatch and a bit of
window management including titles. Default event dispatcher
does restacking and motion.
2004-10-05 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_draw.c: (twin_composite), (twin_fill):
* twin_matrix.c: (twin_matrix_multiply), (twin_matrix_translate),
(twin_matrix_scale), (twin_matrix_rotate):
* twin_path.c: (twin_path_ellipse), (twin_path_set_font_style),
(twin_composite_path), (twin_composite_stroke):
* twin_pixmap.c: (twin_pixmap_create), (twin_pixmap_pointer),
(twin_pixmap_damage), (twin_pixmap_move):
* twin_poly.c: (twin_fill_path):
* twin_screen.c: (twin_screen_create), (twin_screen_damage),
(twin_screen_resize), (twin_screen_update):
* twin_x11.c: (_twin_x11_put_begin), (_twin_x11_put_span):
* twinint.h:
Update API to use twin_ types for most everything.
* twin_font.c: (_twin_text_compute_info),
(_twin_text_compute_snap), (_twin_text_compute_pen), (_twin_snap),
(twin_has_ucs4), (_twin_glyph_width), (twin_text_metrics_ucs4),
Rework snapping to correctly snap vertical and horizontal text
on pixel boundaries.
* xtwin.c: (main):
Change clock watermark
2004-10-04 Keith Packard <>
* twin_primitive.c: (in_over), (over):
* twinint.h:
Recognize a few special cases to speed up operations
* xtwin.c: (twin_clock_set_transform), (twin_clock_minute_angle),
(twin_clock_face), (twin_clock):
Fix angular problems in hand position by rotating everything 90
2004-10-04 Keith Packard <>
* twin_font.c: (twin_has_ucs4), (twin_path_ucs4):
Delete old glyph representation support code.
* twin_geom.c: (_twin_distance_to_line_squared):
Oops -- overflow not handled correctly in distance functions.
* twin_glyphs.c:
Replace new glyphs with versions using splines.
* xtwin.c: (main):
Whack around the default presentation a bit more
2004-10-04 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_draw.c: (twin_composite):
Fix a clipping bug
* twinint.h:
* twin_font.c: (_snap), (_twin_g_base), (_twin_pen_size),
(twin_text_metrics_ucs4), (twin_add_snap), (twin_n_in_spline),
(twin_spline_fit), (_ucs4_string), (px), (py), (twin_dump_glyphs),
(twin_path_ucs4), (twin_text_metrics_utf8):
* twin_glyphs.c:
Change glyph representation to allow splines and include metrics.
* twin_matrix.c: (_twin_matrix_expand):
* twin_path.c: (twin_path_rmove), (twin_path_rdraw):
Add some new helper functions.
* twin_spline.c:
Expose _twin_path_scurve for glyphs
* twin_trig.c:
Increase sin table precision.
* twin_x11.c: (_twin_x11_put_span), (twin_x11_screen_damaged),
Fix off-by-one error in y position.
Lock screen while adding expose damage
* xtwin.c: (twin_clock_face), (twin_clock), (main):
Change clock appearance. Use corrected glyph metrics
2004-10-01 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_fixed.c:
* twin_font.c: (twin_text_metrics_ucs4), (twin_path_ucs4),
* twin_screen.c: (twin_screen_create), (twin_screen_update):
* twin_x11.c: (_twin_x11_put_begin), (_twin_x11_put_span),
* twin_x11.h:
Add put_begin to screen structure so that the backend can batch
Add twin_int_to_fixed.
Inline twin_fixed_mul and twin_fixed_div using int64_t.
Add twin_text_metrics_utf8.
Hard-code the max number of vertices in a glyph.
Set various ICCCM properties to make X wms happy.
* twin_path.c: (_twin_matrix_max_radius), (twin_path_circle):
Use better approximation of ellipse major axis radius when
drawing circles.
* twin_poly.c: (_twin_edge_fill):
Compiler warning.
* twinint.h:
Delete duplicate twin_over definition
* xtwin.c: (twin_clock_hand), (twin_clock_face), (twin_clock),
(twin_app_thread), (twin_start_app), (twin_start_clock), (main):
Allow for multiple clocks, and add watermark. Note that
text metrics are quite broken currently.
2004-09-30 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_draw.c: (twin_composite), (twin_fill):
* twin_font.c: (_snap), (_twin_pen_size), (twin_text_metrics_ucs4),
(twin_path_ucs4), (twin_width_utf8):
Handle unhinted text.
* twin_path.c: (twin_path_close), (twin_path_bounds),
(twin_composite_path), (twin_paint_path), (twin_composite_stroke),
Add helper functions
* twin_pixmap.c: (twin_pixmap_create), (twin_pixmap_show),
(twin_pixmap_hide), (twin_pixmap_enable_update),
(twin_pixmap_disable_update), (twin_pixmap_lock),
Lock pixmaps during drawing
* twin_poly.c: (_twin_edge_build), (twin_fill_path):
* twin_screen.c: (twin_screen_create), (twin_screen_lock),
(twin_screen_unlock), (twin_screen_register_damaged),
(twin_screen_enable_update), (twin_screen_disable_update),
(twin_screen_damage), (twin_screen_update):
Disable screen updates while applications are busy
* twin_x11.c: (twin_x11_damage_thread), (twin_x11_event_thread),
(twin_x11_screen_damaged), (twin_x11_create), (twin_x11_destroy):
Add threads to manage events and redisplay
* twinint.h:
* xtwin.c: (twin_clock_hand), (twin_clock_minute_angle),
(twin_clock_face), (twin_clock), (main):
Paint a clock
2004-09-27 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_fixed.c: (twin_fixed_div), (twin_fixed_sqrt),
Add some more fixed point functions
* twin_font.c: (_snap), (_add_snap), (_twin_pen_size),
(twin_text_metrics_ucs4), (twin_path_ucs4), (twin_width_ucs4):
Reimplement text snapping. Note that things are snapped to
user units, not pixels. Snapping to pixels requires some
thought about rotating transformations.
* twin_matrix.c: (_twin_matrix_len):
* twin_path.c: (twin_path_close), (twin_path_circle):
Oops. Closed paths don't necessarily need to join ends,
but circles do.
* twinint.h:
* xtwin.c: (main):
Random new tests.
2004-09-27 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_convolve.c: (_twin_path_leftpoint), (_around_order),
(_angle), (_twin_subpath_convolve):
* twin_fixed.c: (twin_fixed_mul):
* twin_font.c: (twin_path_ucs4), (twin_width_ucs4),
* twin_geom.c: (_twin_distance_to_point_squared),
* twin_hull.c: (_twin_slope_init), (_twin_hull_create),
(_twin_hull_vertex_compare), (_twin_hull_eliminate_concave),
* twin_matrix.c: (_twin_dump_matrix), (_twin_matrix_multiply),
(twin_matrix_identity), (twin_matrix_translate),
(twin_matrix_scale), (_twin_matrix_determinant),
(twin_matrix_rotate), (_twin_matrix_x), (_twin_matrix_y),
(_twin_matrix_dx), (_twin_matrix_dy):
* twin_path.c: (_twin_current_subpath_len),
(_twin_path_current_spoint), (_twin_path_subpath_first_spoint),
(_twin_path_smove), (_twin_path_sdraw), (twin_path_move),
(twin_path_draw), (twin_path_close), (twin_path_circle),
(twin_path_set_matrix), (twin_path_current_matrix),
(twin_path_identity), (twin_path_translate), (twin_path_scale),
(twin_path_rotate), (twin_path_set_font_size),
(twin_path_current_font_size), (twin_path_set_font_style),
(twin_path_current_font_style), (twin_path_append),
(twin_path_save), (twin_path_restore), (twin_path_create):
* twin_poly.c: (_edge_step_by), (_twin_sfixed_grid_ceil),
(_twin_edge_build), (_span_fill), (_twin_edge_fill),
* twin_spline.c: (_lerp_half), (_de_casteljau),
(_twin_spline_decompose), (_twin_path_scurve), (twin_path_curve):
* twin_trig.c: (twin_sin), (twin_cos), (twin_tan):
* twinint.h:
* xtwin.c: (main):
Add affine transformation support.
Fix convex hull to eliminate all points colinear with extreme.
Note that text snapping is currently broken.
2004-09-26 Keith Packard <>
* twin_convolve.c: (_twin_subpath_convolve):
Eliminate special case for closed paths. Just draw caps at
both ends and accept that the resulting path isn't minimal
in all cases. This eliminates the weird results from said
attempted minimal path with large pens and small curves.
It also eliminated a lot of extra code from this function.
* twin_font.c: (twin_path_ucs4):
Fix font baseline value (should be 9). Take pen size
into account when computing positions so that glyphs rest
on the baseline instead of painting on top of it.
* xtwin.c: (main):
Show baseline in huge text sample
2004-09-26 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_convolve.c: (_twin_path_leftpoint), (_twin_path_step),
Hmm. Not sure this is right, but I'm giving it a try.
Recognize closed paths and attempt to construct two
disjoint paths as their convolution with the pen. This
appears to break when the path has a radius of curvature smaller
than the radius of the pen. I'm committing it to CVS mostly
so I don't lose the code; I will shortly commit a patch which
eliminates the check for a closed path.
Oh, one correct change is to _twin_path_leftpoint which used
to try to be clever about point selection. Now that pens are
forced to be convex, the correct point to use is the one furthest
from the line.
* twin_path.c: (twin_path_fill), (twin_path_append):
Ignore subpaths containing a single point.
Add 'twin_path_append' to glue one path into another.
* twin_poly.c: (_twin_edge_build), (_twin_edge_fill):
Add debug output that shows vertices of polygons
* xtwin.c: (main):
Code to test convolution change mentioned above
2004-09-25 Keith Packard <>
* twin_font.c:
Spurious ) in file
2004-09-25 Keith Packard <>
* twin_font.c: (_snap), (twin_path_ucs4):
Reduce emboldening to +50% stroke thickness.
Clean up debug code.
Eliminate some dead code.
Try to adjust width computations a bit. Still not right.
* xtwin.c: (main):
draw in more colors
2004-09-24 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
Switch to just supporting stroke fonts
* twin_font.c: (twin_has_ucs4), (_twin_ucs4_base),
(_twin_ucs4_points), (twin_path_ucs4), (twin_ucs4_width),
Finish needed stroke font API.
* twin_glyphs.c:
Elimiate all but ascii glyphs, use offset table to
eliminate table of pointers (which can't be const)
* twin_vera.c:
Remove twin_vera.c
* twinint.h:
Change glyph structures around for offsets and ascii only
* xtwin.c: (main):
Few more cases to show ascii text support
2004-09-24 Keith Packard <>
* twin_hull.c: (_twin_slope_init), (_twin_hull_create),
(_twin_slope_compare), (_twin_hull_vertex_compare),
(_twin_hull_prev_valid), (_twin_hull_next_valid),
(_twin_hull_eliminate_concave), (_twin_hull_to_path),
Add convex hull algorithm from cairo sources. Used to
constrain pens to convex shapes so that the convolution
algorithm works correctly.
* twin.h:
Reduce default tolerance to 1/16 of a pixel
* twin_convolve.c: (_angle), (_twin_subpath_convolve),
Use convex hull of pen.
* twin_font.c: (compare_snap), (_snap), (_add_snap),
(twin_path_glyph), (twin_glyph_width), (twin_path_string):
Snap horizontal and vertical elements of glyphs to
pixel boundaries. Snap stem widths to integer amounts.
Add slanting and emboldening
* twin_glyphs.c:
Add space and box
* twin_primitive.c:
Avoid using __inline as it increases size dramatically
* twin_spline.c: (_twin_spline_decompose):
Use <= tolerance_squared as that may be zero
* xtwin.c: (main):
Swizzle code to show off recent changes
2004-09-23 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
Fix twin_fixed_floor to work for negative values correctly
Add twin_path_cur_point
* twin_convolve.c: (_twin_path_step), (_around_order), (_angle),
(_twin_subpath_convolve), (twin_path_convolve):
fix twin_path_step to actually handle duplicate points.
Change 'clockwise' to 'around_order' so that all three possible
results are returned (clockwise, parallel and counterclockwise)
Handle disjoint strokes
* twin_font.c: (twin_has_glyph), (twin_path_glyph),
(twin_glyph_width), (twin_path_string), (twin_path_fglyph),
(twin_path_ucs4), (_twin_utf8_to_ucs4), (twin_path_utf8):
Add outline and stroke font support (pick one and remove the other)
* twin_glyphs.c:
Huge array of stroke fonts from Hershey. Pick appropriate subset
and remove extra glyphs (there are a lot here)
* twin_path.c: (_twin_cur_subpath_len), (twin_path_cur_point),
(twin_path_move), (twin_path_draw), (twin_path_close):
Eliminate repeated move and close, eliminate duplicate draw.
* twin_poly.c: (_twin_edge_build), (_span_fill), (_twin_edge_fill):
Add support for 1, 4, 16 and 64 samples. 16 appears to be the
magic sweet spot.
* twin_ttf/
* twin_ttf/Vera.ttf:
* twin_ttf/twin_ttf.c: (pos), (command), (cpos), (ucs4_to_utf8),
(glyph), (outline_moveto), (outline_lineto), (outline_conicto),
(outline_cubicto), (ucs_page), (ucs_first_in_page), (sanitize),
(facename), (convert_font), (main):
Convert "real" outline fonts to twin built-ins
* twin_vera.c:
Converted version of Bitstream Vera Sans Roman
* twinint.h:
* xtwin.c: (main):
2004-09-21 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twinint.h:
Add a few definitions
* twin_convolve.c: (_twin_path_leftpoint), (twin_path_convolve):
Find pen starting point as closest to the normal to the path.
Restructure convolve loop to be easier to understand
* twin_path.c: (twin_path_circle):
Round circle coordinates instead of truncating them
* twin_poly.c: (_twin_fixed_grid_ceil), (_twin_edge_build),
(_span_fill), (_twin_edge_fill):
Move sample grid by 1/2 sample step.
Clip polygons to mask pixmap.
Modest performance improvement in span filling.
Fix end case to remove edges before stepping.
* xtwin.c: (main):
Stroke a path.
2004-09-21 Keith Packard <>
* twin.h:
* twin_convolve.c: (_twin_path_leftmost), (_twin_path_step),
(_clockwise), (twin_path_convolve):
Add convolution. Pen starting position needs work.
* twin_geom.c: (_twin_distance_to_point_squared),
* twin_spline.c: (_twin_spline_error_squared), (twin_path_curve):
* twinint.h:
Move shared geometric functions to new file
* twin_path.c: (_sin), (_cos), (twin_path_circle),
Add twin_path_circle to generate pens.
Fix path edge generator to handle last subpath right.
* twin_poly.c: (_twin_edge_build):
Skip vertices which don't span a sample row
* xtwin.c: (main):
test convolutions
2004-09-20 Keith Packard <>
* .cvsignore:
Add .cvsignore file
* architecture:
Mention path primitives
* twin.h:
* twinint.h:
Add paths
* twin_draw.c: (twin_composite):
Eliminate some unused variables.
* twin_path.c: (twin_path_move), (twin_path_draw),
(twin_path_close), (twin_path_fill), (twin_path_empty),
(twin_path_create), (twin_path_destroy):
Simple path construction
* twin_poly.c: (_edge_compare_y), (_edge_step_by), (_dump_edge),
(_twin_edge_build), (_span_fill), (_twin_edge_fill),
Anti-aliased polygon fill code
* twin_screen.c:
Change twin_bool to twin_bool_t
* twin_spline.c: (_lerp_half), (_de_casteljau),
(_distance_squared_to_point), (_distance_squared_to_segment),
(_twin_spline_error_squared), (_twin_spline_decompose),
Append cubic B├ęzier splines to paths
* xtwin.c: (main):
Test paths