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+Subject: [PATCH v20 00/14] arm64 kexec kernel patches
+This series adds the core support for kexec re-boot and kdump on ARM64.  This
+version of the series combines Takahiro's kdump patches with my kexec patches.
+Please consider all patches for inclusion.
+Takahiro has done some extensive testing for this version with various
+configurations af endian, image format, memory options and layouts, etc.
+To load a second stage kernel and execute a kexec re-boot or to work with kdump
+on ARM64 systems a series of patches to kexec-tools [2], which have not yet been
+merged upstream, are needed.  Please update to the latest if you have been using
+an older version.
+To examine vmcore (/proc/vmcore), you should use
+  - gdb v7.7 or later (only useful for non-KASLR kernel)
+  - crash utility master branch (coming v7.1.6 or later)
+Changes for v20 (June 23, 2016, 25m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.7-rc4.
+  o Add missing break statement in kexec_list_flush.
+  o Add a check for a return value of parse_crashkernel().
+  o Fix a wrong check against misalignment of allocated crash kernel region.
+Changes for v19 (June 16, 2016, 25m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.7-rc3.
+  o Remove some unneeded included files.
+  o Remove kmap() usage.
+  o Remove kexec_is_dtb() routine.
+  o Change #ifdef to IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU).
+  o Fix kexec_list_flush() to flush all list entries.
+  o Use ENTRY(arm64_relocate_new_kernel).
+  o Remove unused segment start in arm64_relocate_new_kernel.
+Changes for v18 (June 9, 2016, 25m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.7-rc2.
+  o Change ret to br in __cpu_soft_restart().
+  o Add cpu_install_idmap() call and hyp checks to cpu_soft_restart().
+  o Don't return from HVC_SOFT_RESTART.
+Changes for v17 (June 9, 2016, 25m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.7-rc2.
+  o Change ret to br in __cpu_soft_restart().
+  o Add cpu_install_idmap() call to cpu_soft_restart().
+Changes for v17 (June 3, 2016, 25m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.7-rc1.
+  o Added one VMCOREINFO parameter to vmcore for crash utility.
+  o Added a check for CPUs stuck in kernel.
+  o Re-implemented cpu_soft_restart() to be executed only in hyp-stub.
+  o Added some kernel documentation about added device tree properties.
+  o Fixed a returned value of pstate in crash_setup_regs(). Now return
+    a faked pstate since we have no way to get the current pstate.
+Changes for v16 (Apr 14, 2016, 23m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.6-rc3.
+  o Don't try to explicitly enter EL2 at machine_kexec() when VHE in use
+  o Add unreachable() in case of ipi_cpu_crash_stop()
+  o Add more "#ifdef" to eliminate code unused when !CONFIG_KEXEC_CORE
+  o Fix a build error around ipi_cpu_crash_stop() when !CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU
+  o Revert "arm64: Add new hcall HVC_CALL_FUNC"
+  o Revert "Convert hcalls to use HVC immediate value"
+    (replaced by James' "hyp/kvm: Extend hyp-stub API to allow function calls
+     at EL2")
+  Modified by James:
+  o Add missing icache maintenance + isb to __kvm_hyp_reset()
+  o Rework kvm cpu hotplug for VHE
+  Added by James:
+  o arm64: head.S: el2_setup() to accept sctlr_el1 as an argument
+  o arm64: hyp/kvm: Extend hyp-stub API to allow function calls at EL2
+  o arm64: kvm: Move lr save/restore from do_el2_call into EL1
+  o arm64: kvm: Move the do_el2_call macro to a header file
+Changes for v15 (Mar 14, 2016, 22m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.5.
+  o Remove DEBUG conditional in 'Add pr_debug output'.
+Changes for v14 (Mar 4, 2016, 22m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.5-rc6.
+  o Rename setup_mm_for_reboot to cpu_install_idmap.
+  o kdump: leave non-boot cpus online at crash dump
+    As we don't have to make non-boot (crashed) cpus offline at crash dump,
+    this patch adds a variant of smp_send_stop().
+  o kdump: use a new device-tree property, "linux,elfcorehdr", instead of
+    traditional "elfcorehdr=" kernel parameter
+  o limit memory regions based on DT property, "usable-memory", instead of
+    "mem=" kernel parameter
+  o kdump: fix a build error when !CONFIG_KEXEC_CORE
+  o kvm: use generic kvm_call_hyp() interface instead of kvm_cpu_reset()
+  o kvm: initialize only a primary cpu at init_hyp_mode()
+Changes for v13 (Jan 15, 2016, 20m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.4.
+  o Remove align directive from cpu_reset.c.
+  o Use inline C wrapper for cpu_soft_restart.
+  o Revert the new image d-cache flush changes of v10.
+  o Add SCTLR cleanup patch.
+  o Change pr_devel to pr_debug.
+  o Call flush_icache_range() for reboot_code_buffer.
+  o Add .ltorg directive to arm64_relocate_new_kernel.
+  o Make new asm macro copy_page.
+  o Change cache maintenence from inner-shareable to non-shareable.
+  o arm64: kvm: allows kvm cpu hotplug
+    - remove some garbage code from kvm_host.h
+  o arm64: kdump: reserve memory for crash dump kernel
+    - don't panic on crash kernel alloc failure
+      (thanks to Mark Salter, RH)
+  o arm64: kdump: implement machine_crash_shutdown()
+    - change "boot/non-boot cpu" to "crashing/non-crashing cpu"
+    - introduce is_in_crash_kexec() for readability
+    - re-introduce machine_kexec_mask_interrupts(), as arch/arm has,
+      to discard unexpected interrupts
+    - call crash_save_cpu() before making cpus offline to avoid a possible race
+      (thanks to Pratyush Anand/Mark Salter, RH)
+  o arm64: kdump: update a kernel doc
+    - clarify that we support "Image" format as well as vmlinux in kdump.txt
+  o arm64: kdump: relax BUG_ON() if more than one cpus are still active
+    - change a warning message at the failure of shooting down non-crahsing cpus
+Changes for v12 (Nov 24, 2015, 18m):
+  o No changes, rebase to Linux-4.4-rc2.
+Changes for v11 (Nov 6, 2015, 18m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.3.
+  o Move the new image d-cache flush from arm64_relocate_new_kernel to machine_kexec.
+  o Pass values to arm64_relocate_new_kernel in registers, not in global variables.
+  o Fixups to setting the sctlr_el1 and sctlr_el2 flags.
+Changes for v10 (Oct 18, 2015, 17m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.3-rc6.
+  o Move tcr_set_idmap_t0sz to assembler.h.
+  o Add back simplified cpu_reset routines.
+  o Combine kexec + kdump patches.
+Changes for v9 (Apr 7, 2015, 11m):
+  o Use new upstream flag IND_FLAGS.
+Changes for v8 (Mar 19, 2015, 10m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-4.0-rc4.
+  o Re-boot using purgatory only.
+Changes for v7 (Jan 16, 2015, 8m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-3.19-rc4.
+  o Change from ESR_EL2_ to ESR_ELx_.
+  o Remove work-arounds for EFI systems.
+Changes for v6 (Dec 2, 2014, 7m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-3.18-rc2
+Changes for v5 (Nov 16, 2014, 6m):
+Changes for v4 (Oct 3, 2014, 5m):
+Changes for v3 (Sept 23, 2014, 4m):
+Changes for v2 (Sep 9, 2014, 4m):
+  o Rebase to Linux-3.17-rc4.
+  o Move macros from proc-macros.S to assembler.h.
+  o Convert hcalls to use ISS field.
+  o Add new hcall HVC_CALL_FUNC.
+  o Add EL2 switch to soft_restart.
+First submission v1 (May 13, 2014):
+  o Based on Linux-3.15-rc4.