Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

Pull late ARM updates from Russell King:
 "Here is the late set of ARM updates for this merge window; in here is:

   - The ARM parts of the broadcast timer support, core parts merged
     through tglx's tree.  This was left over from the previous merge to
     allow the dependency on tglx's tree to be resolved.

   - A fix to the VFP code which shows up on Raspberry Pi's, as well as
     fixing the fallout from a previous commit in this area.

   - A number of smaller fixes scattered throughout the ARM tree"

* 'for-linus' of git://
  ARM: Fix broken commit 0cc41e4a21d43 corrupting kernel messages
  ARM: fix scheduling while atomic warning in alignment handling code
  ARM: VFP: fix emulation of second VFP instruction
  ARM: 7656/1: uImage: Error out on build of multiplatform without LOADADDR
  ARM: 7640/1: memory: tegra_ahb_enable_smmu() depends on TEGRA_IOMMU_SMMU
  ARM: 7654/1: Preserve L_PTE_VALID in pte_modify()
  ARM: 7653/2: do not scale loops_per_jiffy when using a constant delay clock
  ARM: 7651/1: remove unused smp_timer_broadcast #define