Merge branch 'fixes-for-3.9-latest' of git://

Pull second round of PARISC updates from Helge Deller:
 "The most important fix in this branch is the switch of io_setup,
  io_getevents and io_submit syscalls to use the available compat
  syscalls when running 32bit userspace on 64bit kernel.  Other than
  that it's mostly removal of compile warnings."

* 'fixes-for-3.9-latest' of git://
  parisc: fix redefinition of SET_PERSONALITY
  parisc: do not install modules when installing kernel
  parisc: fix compile warnings triggered by atomic_sub(sizeof(),v)
  parisc: check return value of down_interruptible() in hp_sdc_rtc.c
  parisc: avoid unitialized variable warning in pa_memcpy()
  parisc: remove unused variable 'compat_val'
  parisc: switch to compat_functions of io_setup, io_getevents and io_submit