Merge tag 'metag-v3.9-rc1-v4' of git://

Pull new ImgTec Meta architecture from James Hogan:
 "This adds core architecture support for Imagination's Meta processor
  cores, followed by some later miscellaneous arch/metag cleanups and
  fixes which I kept separate to ease review:

   - Support for basic Meta 1 (ATP) and Meta 2 (HTP) core architecture
   - A few fixes all over, particularly for symbol prefixes
   - A few privilege protection fixes
   - Several cleanups (setup.c includes, split out a lot of
   - Fix some missing exports
   - Convert hugetlb to use vm_unmapped_area()
   - Copy device tree to non-init memory
   - Provide dma_get_sgtable()"

* tag 'metag-v3.9-rc1-v4' of git:// (61 commits)
  metag: Provide dma_get_sgtable()
  metag: prom.h: remove declaration of metag_dt_memblock_reserve()
  metag: copy devicetree to non-init memory
  metag: cleanup metag_ksyms.c includes
  metag: move mm/init.c exports out of metag_ksyms.c
  metag: move usercopy.c exports out of metag_ksyms.c
  metag: move setup.c exports out of metag_ksyms.c
  metag: move kick.c exports out of metag_ksyms.c
  metag: move traps.c exports out of metag_ksyms.c
  metag: move irq enable out of irqflags.h on SMP
  genksyms: fix metag symbol prefix on crc symbols
  metag: hugetlb: convert to vm_unmapped_area()
  metag: export clear_page and copy_page
  metag: export metag_code_cache_flush_all
  metag: protect more non-MMU memory regions
  metag: make TXPRIVEXT bits explicit
  metag: kernel/setup.c: sort includes
  perf: Enable building perf tools for Meta
  metag: add boot time LNKGET/LNKSET check
  metag: add __init to metag_cache_probe()