ARM: versatile: support configuring versatile machine for no-MMU

Allow the arm versatile machine to be configured for no-MMU operation.

Older kernels had the ability to build the versatile machine with the MMU
disabled (!CONFIG_MMU). Recent changes to convert the versatile machine
to device tree lost this ability. (Although older kernels could be built
they did not run due to a bug in the IO_ADDRESS() mapping on this machine).

The motivation for this is that the versatile machine is well supported
in qemu. And this provides an excellent platform for development and
testing no-MMU support on ARM in general.

This patch adds a versatile platform selection in the upper level arm
system type menu - where it appeared in older kernel versions - when
configuring for the no-MMU case. There is no visible change to the way
versatile is selected for the MMU enabled case.

Signed-off-by: Greg Ungerer <>
3 files changed