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# Near Field Communication (NFC) devices
menu "Near Field Communication (NFC) devices"
depends on NFC
config PN544_HCI_NFC
tristate "HCI PN544 NFC driver"
depends on I2C && NFC_HCI && NFC_SHDLC
select CRC_CCITT
default n
NXP PN544 i2c driver.
This is a driver based on the SHDLC and HCI NFC kernel layers and
will thus not work with NXP libnfc library.
To compile this driver as a module, choose m here. The module will
be called pn544_hci.
config NFC_PN533
tristate "NXP PN533 USB driver"
depends on USB
NXP PN533 USB driver.
This driver provides support for NFC NXP PN533 devices.
Say Y here to compile support for PN533 devices into the
kernel or say M to compile it as module (pn533).
tristate "Texas Instruments NFC WiLink driver"
depends on TI_ST && NFC_NCI
This enables the NFC driver for Texas Instrument's BT/FM/GPS/NFC
combo devices. This makes use of shared transport line discipline
core driver to communicate with the NFC core of the combo chip.
Say Y here to compile support for Texas Instrument's NFC WiLink driver
into the kernel or say M to compile it as module.