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.global __udivsi3
.section .text..SHmedia32,"ax"
.align 2
inputs: r4,r5
clobbered: r18,r19,r20,r21,r22,r25,tr0
result in r0.
addz.l r5,r63,r22
nsb r22,r0
shlld r22,r0,r25
shlri r25,48,r25
movi 0xffffffffffffbb0c,r20 /* shift count eqiv 76 */
sub r20,r25,r21
mmulfx.w r21,r21,r19
mshflo.w r21,r63,r21
ptabs r18,tr0
mmulfx.w r25,r19,r19
sub r20,r0,r0
/* bubble */
msub.w r21,r19,r19
* It would be nice for scheduling to do this add to r21 before
* the msub.w, but we need a different value for r19 to keep
* errors under control.
addi r19,-2,r21
mulu.l r4,r21,r18
mmulfx.w r19,r19,r19
shlli r21,15,r21
shlrd r18,r0,r18
mulu.l r18,r22,r20
mmacnfx.wl r25,r19,r21
/* bubble */
sub r4,r20,r25
mulu.l r25,r21,r19
addi r0,14,r0
/* bubble */
shlrd r19,r0,r19
mulu.l r19,r22,r20
add r18,r19,r18
/* bubble */
sub.l r25,r20,r25
mulu.l r25,r21,r19
addz.l r25,r63,r25
sub r25,r22,r25
shlrd r19,r0,r19
mulu.l r19,r22,r20
addi r25,1,r25
add r18,r19,r18
cmpgt r25,r20,r25
add.l r18,r25,r0
blink tr0,r63