Merge tag 'gpio-fixes-for-v3.6' of git://

Pull GPIO fixes from Linus Walleij:
 "These are some GPIO regression fixes for v3.6:
   - Erroneous debug message from of_get_named_gpio_flags()
   - Make sure the MC9S08DZ60 GPIO driver depend on I2C being compiled
     in (not module) or allmodconfig breaks.
   - Check return value from irq_alloc_descs() in the Emma Mobile GPIO
   - Assign the owner field for the rdc321x driver so the module won't
     be removed if it has active GPIOs."

* tag 'gpio-fixes-for-v3.6' of git://
  gpio: rdc321x: Prevent removal of modules exporting active GPIOs
  gpio: em: Fix checking return value of irq_alloc_descs
  gpio: mc9s08dz60: Fix build error if I2C=m
  gpio: Fix debug message in of_get_named_gpio_flags()