2012-07-25-16-41 merged

Andi Kleen (1):
      slab/mempolicy: always use local policy from interrupt context

Andrew Morton (18):
      mm/memblock.c:memblock_double_array(): cosmetic cleanups
      memcg: rename config variables

Aneesh Kumar K.V (22):
      hugetlb: rename max_hstate to hugetlb_max_hstate
      hugetlb: don't use ERR_PTR with VM_FAULT* values
      hugetlb: add an inline helper for finding hstate index
      hugetlb: use mmu_gather instead of a temporary linked list for accumulating pages
      hugetlb: avoid taking i_mmap_mutex in unmap_single_vma() for hugetlb
      hugetlb: simplify migrate_huge_page()
      hugetlb: add a list for tracking in-use HugeTLB pages
      hugetlb: make some static variables global
      hugeltb: mark hugelb_max_hstate __read_mostly
      mm/hugetlb: add new HugeTLB cgroup
      hugetlb/cgroup: remove unnecessary NULL checks
      hugetlb/cgroup: Mark root_h_cgroup static
      hugetlb/cgroup: add the cgroup pointer to page lru
      hugetlb/cgroup: add charge/uncharge routines for hugetlb cgroup
      hugetlb/cgroup: Remove unnecessary NULL checks
      hugetlb/cgroup: add support for cgroup removal
      hugetlb/cgroup: add hugetlb cgroup control files
      hugetlb/cgroup: migrate hugetlb cgroup info from oldpage to new page during migration
      hugetlb/cgroup: add HugeTLB controller documentation
      hugetlb: move all the in use pages to active list
      hugetlb/cgroup: assign the page hugetlb cgroup when we move the page to active list.
      hugetlb/cgroup: remove exclude and wakeup rmdir calls from migrate

Christian Ehrhardt (2):
      swap: allow swap readahead to be merged
      documentation: update how page-cluster affects swap I/O

Christoph Lameter (22):
      slub: Use freelist instead of "object" in __slab_alloc
      slub: Add frozen check in __slab_alloc
      slub: Acquire_slab() avoid loop
      slub: Simplify control flow in __slab_alloc()
      slub: new_slab_objects() can also get objects from partial list
      slub: Get rid of the node field
      slub: Separate out kmem_cache_cpu processing from deactivate_slab
      slub: Use page variable instead of c->page.
      slub: pass page to node_match() instead of kmem_cache_cpu structure
      slob: Define page struct fields used in mm_types.h
      slob: No need to zero mapping since it is no longer in use
      slob: Remove various small accessors
      slab: Use page struct fields instead of casting
      slab: Remove some accessors
      mm, sl[aou]b: Extract common fields from struct kmem_cache
      slab: Get rid of obj_size macro
      mm, sl[aou]b: Extract common code for kmem_cache_create()
      mm, sl[aou]b: Common definition for boot state of the slab allocators
      mm, sl[aou]b: Use a common mutex definition
      mm, sl[aou]b: Move kmem_cache_create mutex handling to common code
      slob: Fix early boot kernel crash
      mm: slub: optimise the SLUB fast path to avoid pfmemalloc checks

David Rientjes (10):
      mm, slub: ensure irqs are enabled for kmemcheck
      mm, oom: do not schedule if current has been killed
      mm, oom: fix potential killing of thread that is disabled from oom killing
      mm, oom: replace some information in tasklist dump
      mm, oom: move declaration for mem_cgroup_out_of_memory to oom.h
      mm, oom: introduce helper function to process threads during scan
      mm, memcg: introduce own oom handler to iterate only over its own threads
      mm, oom: reduce dependency on tasklist_lock
      mm, memcg: move all oom handling to memcontrol.c

Feng Tang (1):
      slab: Fix a typo in commit 8c138b "slab: Get rid of obj_size macro"

Gavin Shan (5):
      mm/buddy: cleanup on should_fail_alloc_page
      mm/compaction: cleanup on compaction_deferred
      mm/sparse: optimize sparse_index_alloc
      mm/sparse: more checks on mem_section number
      mm/sparse: remove index_init_lock

Glauber Costa (3):
      slab: rename gfpflags to allocflags
      slab: move FULL state transition to an initcall
      memcg: fix bad behavior in use_hierarchy file

Greg Pearson (1):
      pcdp: use early_ioremap/early_iounmap to access pcdp table

Hong zhi guo (1):
      vmalloc: walk vmap_areas by sorted list instead of rb_next()

Huang Shijie (1):
      mm: account the total_vm in the vm_stat_account()

Hugh Dickins (2):
      mm, oom: reduce dependency on tasklist_lock: fix
      memcg: further prevent OOM with too many dirty pages

Jan Kara (1):
      mm: make vb_alloc() more foolproof

Jeff Liu (1):
      mm/memory.c:print_vma_addr(): call up_read(&mm->mmap_sem) directly

Jiang Liu (4):
      mm/hotplug: correctly setup fallback zonelists when creating new pgdat
      mm/hotplug: correctly add new zone to all other nodes' zone lists
      mm/hotplug: free zone->pageset when a zone becomes empty
      mm/hotplug: mark memory hotplug code in page_alloc.c as __meminit

Johannes Weiner (10):
      mm: memcg: fix compaction/migration failing due to memcg limits
      mm: swapfile: clean up unuse_pte race handling
      mm: memcg: push down PageSwapCache check into uncharge entry functions
      mm: memcg: only check for PageSwapCache when uncharging anon
      mm: memcg: move swapin charge functions above callsites
      mm: memcg: remove unneeded shmem charge type
      mm: memcg: remove needless !mm fixup to init_mm when charging
      mm: memcg: split swapin charge function into private and public part
      mm: memcg: only check swap cache pages for repeated charging
      mm: memcg: only check anon swapin page charges for swap cache

Joonsoo Kim (3):
      slub: use __cmpxchg_double_slab() at interrupt disabled place
      slub: refactoring unfreeze_partials()
      mm: fix wrong argument of migrate_huge_pages() in soft_offline_huge_page()

Julia Lawall (1):
      slub: remove invalid reference to list iterator variable

KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki (2):
      memcg: mem_cgroup_move_parent() doesn't need gfp_mask
      memcg: make mem_cgroup_force_empty_list() return bool

KOSAKI Motohiro (2):
      mm, fadvise: don't return -EINVAL when filesystem cannot implement fadvise()
      mm: clear pages_scanned only if draining a pcp adds pages to the buddy allocator again

Kamezawa Hiroyuki (5):
      memcg: remove MEM_CGROUP_CHARGE_TYPE_FORCE
      memcg: remove check for signal_pending() during rmdir()
      memcg: clean up force_empty_list() return value check

Mel Gorman (30):
      parisc: redefine ATOMIC_INIT and ATOMIC64_INIT like other architectures
      mm: sl[au]b: add knowledge of PFMEMALLOC reserve pages
      buildfix: mm: sl[au]b: add knowledge of PFMEMALLOC reserve pages
      mm: introduce __GFP_MEMALLOC to allow access to emergency reserves
      mm: allow PF_MEMALLOC from softirq context
      mm: only set page->pfmemalloc when ALLOC_NO_WATERMARKS was used
      mm: ignore mempolicies when using ALLOC_NO_WATERMARK
      net: introduce sk_gfp_atomic() to allow addition of GFP flags depending on the individual socket
      netvm: allow the use of __GFP_MEMALLOC by specific sockets
      netvm: allow skb allocation to use PFMEMALLOC reserves
      netvm: propagate page->pfmemalloc to skb
      netvm: propagate page->pfmemalloc from skb_alloc_page to skb
      netvm: set PF_MEMALLOC as appropriate during SKB processing
      mm: micro-optimise slab to avoid a function call
      nbd: set SOCK_MEMALLOC for access to PFMEMALLOC reserves
      mm: throttle direct reclaimers if PF_MEMALLOC reserves are low and swap is backed by network storage
      mm: account for the number of times direct reclaimers get throttled
      netvm: prevent a stream-specific deadlock
      selinux: tag avc cache alloc as non-critical
      mm: methods for teaching filesystems about PG_swapcache pages
      mm: add get_kernel_page[s] for pinning of kernel addresses for I/O
      mm: add support for a filesystem to activate swap files and use direct_IO for writing swap pages
      mm: swap: implement generic handler for swap_activate
      mm: add support for direct_IO to highmem pages
      nfs: teach the NFS client how to treat PG_swapcache pages
      nfs: disable data cache revalidation for swapfiles
      nfs: enable swap on NFS
      nfs: prevent page allocator recursions with swap over NFS.
      swapfile: avoid dereferencing bd_disk during swap_entry_free for network storage

Michal Hocko (6):
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'slab/next' into memcg-devel
      memcg: prevent OOM with too many dirty pages
      Reverted "shmem: correct build warning in shmem interleave"
      Reverted "tmpfs: interleave the starting node of /dev/shmem"
      Reverted "shmem: provide vm_ops when also providing a mem policy"

Minchan Kim (10):
      mm: do not use page_count() without a page pin
      mm: clean up __count_immobile_pages()
      vmscan: remove obsolete shrink_control comment
      mm: factor out memory isolate functions
      mm: fix free page check in zone_watermark_ok()
      memory-hotplug: fix kswapd looping forever problem
      mips: zero out pg_data_t when it's allocated
      mm: warn if pg_data_t isn't initialized with zero
      mm: remove redundant initialization

Nathan Zimmer (4):
      shmem: provide vm_ops when also providing a mem policy
      tmpfs: interleave the starting node of /dev/shmem
      shmem: correct build warning in shmem interleave
      tmpfs: distribute interleave better across nodes

Pekka Enberg (1):
      Merge branch 'slub/cleanups' into slab/next

Rabin Vincent (1):

Rik van Riel (4):
      mm: have order > 0 compaction start off where it left
      mm: have order > 0 compaction start off where it left
      mm: remove __GFP_NO_KSWAPD
      mm: remove __GFP_NO_KSWAPD fixes

Sha Zhengju (2):
      memcg, oom: provide more info while memcg oom happening
      memcg, oom: clarify some oom dump messages

Thierry Reding (1):
      mm, slab: Build fix for recent kmem_cache changes

Tim Chen (1):
      memcg: gix memory accounting scalability in shrink_page_list

Wanpeng Li (9):
      mm: prepare for removal of obsolete /proc/sys/vm/nr_pdflush_threads
      mm/hugetlb_cgroup: Add huge_page_order check to avoid incorrectly uncharge
      mm: remove unused LRU_ALL_EVICTABLE
      memcg: rename mem_control_xxx to memcg_xxx
      mm/memcg: complete documentation for tcp memcg files
      mm/memcg: mem_cgroup_relize_xxx_limit can guarantee memcg->res.limit <= memcg->memsw.limit
      mm/memcg: replace inexistence move_lock_page_cgroup() by move_lock_mem_cgroup() in comment
      memcg: add mem_cgroup_from_css() helper
      memcg: fix mm/memcontrol.c build error against linux-next

Xiao Guangrong (1):
      mm: mmu_notifier: fix freed page still mapped in secondary MMU

Xishi Qiu (1):
      mm: setup pageblock_order before it's used by sparsemem

majianpeng (1):
      mm: Fix signal SIGFPE in slabinfo.c.

Cc: Rik van Riel <riel@redhat.com>
Cc: Minchan Kim <minchan@kernel.org>
Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org>
1 file changed