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aer-inject allows to inject PCIE AER errors in a running kernel.
Has to run as root. /dev/aer_inject has to exist.
aer-inject aer-file
aer-inject < aer-file
Requires a kernel with PCIE AER error injection support. The injection
only happens on the software level and does not simulate full PCIE AER
handling on the platform level.
The PCIE AER error to be injected are described in an input language
which reflects PCIE AER related registers quite straighforward.
See the PCI Express Base Specification section 7.10 for details on
PCIE AER related registers.
The keywords are case-insensitive
The error always starts with:
The description of error follows:
BUS number DEV number FN number
These specify the PCI device or port via PCI bus number, dev number
and function number
HEADER_LOG number number number number
These specify the corrected and uncorrected error types to be
injected and corresponding TLP header log.
multiple fields can be on a line.
number can be hex/octal/decimal in the usual C format.
Multiple errors can be in a single file, each new one starts with
For all missing fields reasonable default values are filled in
Comments start with # until the end of the line.